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San Jose Computer Latest Gadgets


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Published in: Technology, Business
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San Jose Computer Latest Gadgets

  1. 1. LATEST GADGETS Compact color projector is very tiny Monday, August 4th, 2008 Just how small do you think projectors will get in due time? Well, chances are nanotechnology will help us make large strides, but at this point in time we’ll have to be content with what Nippon Signal has to offer - a SVGA compact color projector so small, it resembles a cigarette box. Now that’s really tiny, although you do have to make do with the 800 x 600 resolution which won’t win points with audiophiles who want the latest and greatest. Still, portability is a huge asset here as everyone knows, lugging around a really large projector whenever you head out of the office will cause nothing but shoulder aches and a worried persona (you never know who might just make off with that $10k projector anytime).
  2. 2. LATEST GADGETS LG BD300 Blu-ray player offers Netflix streaming Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 It is rather surprising to see that nobody has covered this piece of news yet, but LG’s latest Blu-ray player, the BD300 is able to support Netflix streaming through the TV, where customers will be able to access the Netflix instant Queue as it appears on the TV. Of course, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities where entertainment is concerned, but how many of the movies on Netflix are recent enough to keep people interested? Granted, there are over 12,000 movies available in its back catalogue, but we don’t really need to watch the entire Star Wars trilogy (the original one before George Lucas put money before ideas) one more time just to experience the “wonder” of movie streaming, right? Anyways, I digress. More on the LG BD300 and the Netflix service right after the jump. LATEST GADGETS
  3. 3. T-Mobile Sidekick, plain and simple Thursday, July 31st, 2008 After much speculation on what the latest Sidekick device from T-Mobile will be called, the carrier decided to just name it Sidekick, plain and simple. There won’t be any other code name attached to it, bringing us back to the basics. You will be able to choose to fit one out of two shells that come with each Sidekick purchase - black and metallic green. There will also be a wide range of pre-designed shell patterns and colors for you to pick up at T-Mobile retail stores or online, and I’m pretty sure we won’t have to wait for long until someone with an excess amount of Swarovski crystals and super glue decide to bling up their Sidekick. Granted, other luxury labels might also think of blinging this up with diamonds and precious jewels, but that’s another story for another day. For now, we will look at the features right after the jump. LATEST GADGETS Nokia E71 arrives in the US Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 The US version of the Nokia E71 is one highly anticipated handset, although it won’t command as strong a following as the recent iPhone 3G release. Still, this business centric cell phone is touted to be the slimmest QWERTY device on the market, measuring a mere 0.39″ in thickness. It is currently available to the general public via a range of consumer electronics, wireless and online retailers, and at the Nokia Flagship Stores in Chicago and New York. More of the E71 can be garnered if you read past the jump.
  4. 4. LATEST GADGETS Cuil from ex-Google engineer Monday, July 28th, 2008 Google could end up bitten in the back by their ex-engineers as a group of them have founded a new search engine which is touted to cover three times as many Web pages compared to the monster known as Google. Man, and to think that we just celebrated the milestone of Google having indexed a trillion pages - it
  5. 5. will be amazing to see how this start-up manages three trillion. The new company is known as Cuil Inc., will be launching it’s search engine today and hopes to deliver much better results compared to other major search engines. How does it do so? The answer lies in searching across more Web pages and studying them more accurately, leaving Yahoo! and Microsoft something to ponder upon. Perhaps they should now start talking to each other again about a merger if they are to survive the coming onslaught. LATEST GADGETS Duracell offers pocket-sized chargers Saturday, July 26th, 2008 Folks who travel frequently on flights often know the dreaded feeling of running out of juice on their favorite gizmos - and you will feel the effect to be more pronounced if you’re on a long haul journey. The inflight entertainment don’t really make the cut these days, and there are only so many pages in a newspaper that you can flip through. Duracell hopes to solve your power problems in your travels with a couple of portable power solutions - the Duracell My Pocket Charger and the Duracell PowerSource Mini. They are both small and versatile, making it an essential traveling item to pack while reducing the weight of your luggage as it does away with the need for additional cords, chargers and device- specific batteries.
  6. 6. LATEST GADGETS IVYSKIN offers new range of iPhone 3G Cases Friday, July 25th, 2008 Most owners of a new iPhone 3G will definitely be on the lookout for a protective case - that’s only natural. After all, you wouldn’t want to scratch that precious new toy of yours, do you? Since cases come in all shapes (not too much in terms of sizes), it would be prudent to discover which shape fits you and your personality best and you chat away on Apple’s latest rage. IVYSKIN is here to help you by offering a plethora of solutions that will be described in further detail right after the jump, but for a quick preview, we have the Xylo, XyloDuo, and XyloT3. LATEST GADGETS
  7. 7. Kingston revamps DataTraveler line of USB flash drives Thursday, July 24th, 2008 Kingston Technology has further expanded its old standby product line, the DataTraveler range by offering a few decent arrivals to the popular DataTraveler 400 with MigoSync software and DataTraveler 100 lines with 16GB models. In addition the recently introduced DT101 drive also comes pre-loaded with security software and is available in bold, fashionable colors to offer something for everyone. More detailed specifications are available after the jump if you want the nitty gritty on these new USB flash drives.