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Sweetbay Sales Plan Presentation

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Sales planw1 1

  2. 2. Customer Pain Point – PoorCustomer Service Local reviews include similar instances of receiving poor customer service and poor quality of items stocked. “Rude, inattentive staff. They carry very few of the items I purchase. Sells bad seafood, too. Especially the shrimp.”- Brian A., review on 1/14/12 via “When paying at the cash register, both the cashier and bagger were socializing and not paying attention to the customers. When I attempted to purchase items in the deli, there was no one attending the area for service. Then I noticed the employee who was supposed to work the deli area was on their cell phone hiding in the back. Employees smoke outside in front of the store, which seems very un- professional. The type of conduct occurring at this store is unacceptable.” –Karen R., review on 2/25/12 via
  3. 3. Solving the Problem Employee conduct codes must be revised Quality control reviews conducted more frequently Product quality checklists developed and enforced for all departments within the store New training programs to be developed and required for management Business Background  Sweetbay states that “in the same way that we rely on our products, people, and planet to sustain our business, they in turn rely on us to operate responsibly to ensure the health of future generations.”  The the areas of concentration for the company include healthier products, healthier people, and a healthier planet.  “Before a product makes it to our shelves, we think long and hard about the value, variety, and environment.”  The store is committed to “putting the people, planet, and product first”, and also delivering the freshest products to it’s customers.
  4. 4. Relationship Strategy Customer expectations must be met with better satisfaction. The needs of customers must be understood so that appropriate change can be implemented. Customer loyalty cards will track the customer’s shopping habits, as to continuously meet their nees. Store employees must possess the appropriate knowledge, attitude, and appearance in the store and within their departments.
  5. 5. Personal Selling Philosophy Superior customer service must support Sweetbay’s philosophy statement: “At Sweetbay we don’t just sell food, we’re passionate about it.” The satisfaction of Sweetbay customers must include knowledge, friendliness, attentive service, and the proper treatment to retain business. Freshness of the products sold must be a priority to management and all staff members at the store. Personal Selling Philosophy Statement: “ Our goal is to provide solutions where applicable in order to create exclusive and superior satisfaction for shoppers at Sweetbay. Fresh and high-quality products, attentive and knowledgeable service, and a superior shopping environment is what we strive to maintain and provide to our valued customers. Our vision of being the best in the supermarket industry is what we plan and expect to be.”
  6. 6. Product Strategy Sweetbay’s Freshness Guarantee must be maintained at all times in all store locations.“At Sweetbay we take pride in the quality and variety of our products. In fact, we’re so confident, that if you are not 100% satisfied with any of our private label or fresh items, bring it back and we will give you double your money back.” Comment boxes placed at storefronts Quality control on store items will be evaluated and observed by storewide department checks. Management must approve the department reviews daily. Mandatory training programs to be implemented within the stores in order to lead to developed expertise in employees for better service and customer satisfaction.
  7. 7. Managing Customer Contacts Incentives will be given for customers to complete satisfaction surveys after shopping. Contact information will be required to be provided upon completing survey so that feedback can be given Customer loyalty/frequent shopper cards will provide information for the store about customer shopping habits and needs
  8. 8. Contacts Progress & Presentation Report on sales process will be accessible to all customers online. Customers will be encouraged to provide feedback from shopping experiences as well on the store’s website. A list of the improvements to be made and store-wide goals will be available online for customer’s knowledge. There will also be displays in-store to provide the information as well.
  9. 9. Sales Presentation The presentation of the training program will be presented to Sweetbay executives with a persuasive style, with good business and social contact included. A one-person presentation will be ideal. The customer’s completed surveys will be presented to present the objective, pain point, and the discovery of the customers needs. The six steps of the presentation process will be used and a well-organized and well- prepared approach will be used.
  10. 10. Conclusion & Selected References The quality of both Sweetbay’s customer service and product selection must be exceeding shopper’s expectations on a regular basis. There is a problem with the service at Sweetbay not meeting the expectations that the company prides itself on. The solution to the problem is implementing developed mandatory training programs in Sweetbay stores. The plans for improvement will be presented to company executives in order to take action on solving the problem. Sources: Manning, G. E., Aherne, M., & Reece, B. L. (2012). Selling Today (12th ed.). New York, New York: Prentice Hall . Sweetbay Supermarket. (2012). About Sweetbay. Retrieved 2012,31-May from Sweetbay Supermarket: Thompson, L. L. (2012). The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator (5th ed.). New York, New York: Pearson Education, Inc.