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Searching the geospatial inventory at the map and


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Searching the geospatial inventory at the map and

  1. 1. Searching the Geospatial Inventory at the Map and Data Library, University of Toronto
  2. 2. Visit the websiteof the Map andData Under theResearch tab, clickon “Search theGeospatialInventory (U of Tholdings).”
  3. 3. You now see theinventory search box.If you do not have thename of the geospatialdataset you require, werecommend you usethe Advanced Search,which can be foundunder the GeospatialData Collection-tab.
  4. 4. To search fordata on parks inOntario, youcould typeOntario into theGeographysearch box, andParks into theSubject Headingsearch box.
  5. 5. To explore thesearch result,click on the nameof the dataset. Inthis case“CanMap Parksv2012.3 (2012).”
  6. 6. You now see ametadata record.It hasinformationabout thedataset. Ofparticularinterest mightbe:-Data access-Data creator-Type of data-Who can usethe data-Data formats
  7. 7. 1) If the data can be accessed online (Data Access: Download), click onDownload.2) Read and accept the conditions of use agreement
  8. 8. You can thendownload thedatasets by clickingon the file name.
  9. 9. The files are zipped.In order to usethem in ArcGIS, youneed to first unzipthem:Right-click on, then select7-Zip -> Extract to“ON”.