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basic Camera Angles


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basic Camera Angles

  1. 1. Photo Shoots: Camera Angle
  2. 2. Camera Angle: The level through which you look at your subject.
  3. 3. Camera Angle There are several variations of camera angles that all demonstrate meaning to your audience.
  4. 4. Camera Angles Eye level: this is the angle that we are most used to because it is most familiar to us. When shooting a person shoot from their eye level, not your own.
  5. 5. Camera Angles High Angle: the camera looks down on the subject decreasing its importance. The subject looks smaller and it gives the audience a since of power.
  6. 6. Camera Angles Low Angle: In this shot the person looks up at the subject making him look or seem more important than normal. Usually taken from down low.
  7. 7. In order to have a good photo shoot, practice these keys.
  8. 8. Camera Angles
  9. 9. Camera Angles
  10. 10. Camera Angles
  11. 11. Camera Angles
  12. 12. Camera Angles
  13. 13. Camera Angles