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Summit2010 Flyer (3)


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2nd Annual Sa Youth Summit

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Summit2010 Flyer (3)

  1. 1. Empower<br />Tuesday, April 20, 2010<br />Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center<br />San Antonio’s city-wide forum for High School Students<br />Activate<br />Featuring:<br /><ul><li>Discussion Groups on important social issues in San Antonio
  2. 2. Motivational Speakers and Workshops to prepare for the future
  3. 3. Future Fair featuring booths from Employers, Colleges/Universities, Volunteer Opportunities, etc.
  4. 4. Fashion Show
  5. 5. Participants will draft a Youth Agenda for the City of San Antonio</li></ul>Equip<br />Discussion Topics:<br /><ul><li>Teen Pregnancy *Drugs/Alcohol
  6. 6. Scholarships *Eating Healthy
  7. 7. Stress Management *Gang Violence
  8. 8. Texting and Driving- new laws
  9. 9. Social Networking – Do’s and Don’ts
  10. 10. ACT/SAT Preparation
  11. 11. Community Service / Mentoring Programs
  12. 12. Education Options 2/4 year; technical</li></ul>Contact:<br />Rachel Pearce or<br />Janie Lopez ; or<br /><br />Web site:<br /><br />Hostedby<br />The San Antonio Youth Commission<br />Big Brothers Big Sisters, R.O.A.R San Antonio<br />