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Pdhpe powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Pdhpe powerpoint

  1. 1. Why is PDHPE important? PDHPE promotes and encourages children to lead a healthy lifestyle at a young age PDHPE highlights physical, social, mental and spiritual health wellbeing Students learn different skills such as movement, problem-solving, communicating, interacting and decision making
  2. 2. Why is PDHPE important? Tackles current issues such as obesity, increased electronic activities (i.e computer usage) Teaches students about community and personal health issues such as nutrition, sexuality, drug use PDHPE is interactive and FUN!!!
  3. 3. My PDHPE Rationale Be a role model to students Use encouragement/reinforcement Teach health to students Encourage teamwork in the classroom Prepare students for the real world Highlight importance of staying active
  4. 4. My PDHPE Rationale PDHPE is an integral aspect in the growth and development of the students we teach Motivate and encourage students to keep active I want my students to have FUN and at the same time learn about importance of what PDHPE as a subject has to offer