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A short description about Tuvaro Toolbar and the implications of its installation.

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Tuvaro Toolbar

  1. 1. TUVARO TOOLBAR http://www.anti-spyware-101.com
  2. 2. WHAT IS TUVARO TOOLBAR?  Tuvaro toolbar is a browser extension developed by Montero Technologies Ltd.  Tuvaro Toolbar comes with a customized search engine and a web page that gets set as your default home page. http://www.anti-spyware-101.com/tuvaro-search-toolbar-removal
  3. 3. WHAT IS TUVARO TOOLBAR RELATED TO?  Due to the fact that Tuvaro Toolbar is created by Montera Technologies Ltd, it is directly related to Montera Toolbar and Claro Toolbar. Therefore, one can expect the same functionalities from Tuvaro Toolbar as from its predecessors.  Tuvaro Toolbar promises an instant access to your most frequently visited websites, but such service comes with a catch. http://www.anti-spyware-101.com
  4. 4. WHAT IS TUVARO TOOLBAR COMPATIBLE WITH?  Tuvaro Toolbar is compatible with all main browsers, including:  Internet Explorer  Mozilla Firefox  Google Chrome Tuvaro Toolbar is also known to display shortcuts to a number of popular websites, including Twitter, Bing Maps, Facebook and so on. http://www.anti-spyware-101.com/tuvaro-search-toolbar-removal
  5. 5. WHY IS TUVARO TOOLBAR RISKY?  Tuvaro Toolbar is not a malicious computer infection.  Nevertheless, it collects information on your web browsing habits and it can be leaked to malevolent third parties.  It displays commercial pop-up ads that could display links to corrupted websites.  Tuvaro Toolbar may be indirectly responsible for serious malware infection. http://www.anti-spyware-101.com
  6. 6. HOW TO DEAL WITH TUVARO TOOLBAR?  Tuvaro Toolbar usually gets installed with freeware applications, so if you want to remove the plugin, you should also remove freeware programs that it came with.  Follow the link below for manual Tuvaro Toolbar removal instructions. Due to the fact that it is not a computer malware, it is possible to get rid of the plugin on your own. http://www.anti-spyware-101.com/tuvaro-search-toolbar-removal
  7. 7. CHECK FOR MALWARE!  After manual Tuvaro Toolbar removal, do not forget to check for any other potentially unwanted programs on your PC.  Make use of a reliable antispyware scanner and make sure that your computer is protected against any dangerous threats. http://www.anti-spyware-101.com/tuvaro-search-toolbar-removal
  8. 8. THANK YOU FOR READING  Should you have any questions regarding Tuvaro Toolbar removal, do not hesitate to contact me. http://www.anti-spyware-101.com