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A handbook I produced for the 'Investing in Green' strategic business forum held in NYC, September 2010.

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Investing Green Forum - Handbook

  1. 1. INGreen VESTINGSeptember 24, 2010, New York City Strategic Business Forum Promoting cooperation in green technologies with presentations of Slovenian companies
  2. 2. 1 ForewordSlovenia, a small Central European nation whichnext year celebrates its 20th anniversary of inde-pendence from Yugoslavia, is a green country. A re-markable 54% of Slovenia’s territory is covered byforests that are being shielded from extensive com-mercial activity.Slovenia, however, isn’t green only on the surface. Ithas developed an innovative green-tech sector, dri-ven by cutting-edge technologies. It has some trulyinnovative and creative companies that are at thevanguard of R&D in alternative energy, ecologicalconstruction, and green engineering. Slovenian--produced solar panels are among the most effici-ent in the world, for example, and there are greatinnovations and new designs in ecological buildin-gs, LED technologies, as well as small start-ups pro-ducing innovations in engineering, the automotiveindustry, and other fields.Slovenia’s economy and its products aren’t verywell known in the States, and this is for differentreasons – among them certainly the geographic dis-tance and the country’s focus on the Euro-zone. Giv-en the great emphasis on green technologies in theUS, however, we are convinced that this field offersa good way to enhance Slovenian-American busi-ness cooperation. More than 20 Slovenian green-tech companies interested in the North Americanmarkets and partners are coming to New York forthe Forum.We are grateful to our partners, the ManhattanChamber of Commerce, for their efforts to engageNew York’s vibrant business community. This eventwould not have been possible without the Chamberof Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Slove-nian Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and For-eign Investments, and the Slovenian Embassy inWashington. I hope that you will find this foruminformative, and that you will be able to build pro-fessional relationships to aid you in your ventures.Sincerely,Melita GabričConsul General a.iConsulate General of SloveniaNew York
  3. 3. Slovenia: The Green Gateway to Central Europe 2The Republic of Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe,where the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea meet thePannonian plains and a limestone plateau called theKarst.More than half of Slovenia is forested, and the Alpscover almost a third of the country. A huge continu-ous forest eco-system – the third largest in Europe– provides for great hikes, a refuge for wild-life, andan excellent preserve for nature lovers. Slovenia is acountry where in a single day one can go skiing onhigh Alpine slopes, and enjoy the picturesque sea-side towns of the Adriatic. There are plenty of excel-lent reasons to visit Slovenia!Slovenia has an established, competitive, flexibleeconomy, with a good international position. Slove-nia is a member of the European Union, its currencyis the Euro. Slovenia’s GDP is structured as follows:Services 58.0%, Industry 20.8%, Construction6.6%, and Agriculture 1.8%. Its main GDP growth isrelated to export activities.Slovenia exports about 60% of its GDP: 70 % toother European countries from where it gets 78%of all its imports. Slovenia’s major trading partnersin 2008 were Germany, Italy, Croatia and Austria.Slovenian companies are traditionally present inthe Balkans, and frequently serve as an entry pointfor investments in the region (for example, invest-ments in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montene-gro, and Croatia).While the U.S.A. is Slovenia’s biggest non-Europe-an trading partner, there exists much potential forstrengthening Slovenian-American business coope-ration.In the past decade many Slovenian companies haveled the way in minimizing their products’ ecologicalfootprints, developing energy-saving solutions, andfinding more economical ways to serve their custo-mers’ needs. We hope that the »Investing in Green«forum will help bring Slovenian and American gre-en tech companies together – thus strengtheningcooperation and furthering the cause of sustainabledevelopment.
  4. 4. 3 Program of the Strategic Business ForumSeptember 24, 2010, New York, 3 West Club3 West 51st Street, New York, 10019 Investing in Green09.00 – 10.00 Foyer (3rd Floor) Registration & Networking10.00 – 10.45 Grand Salon (3rd Floor) Introductory Statements Welcome by Dr. Melita Gabrič, Consul General ai. of Slovenia to New York Welcome by Mr. Jeffrey Bernstein, Chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Statement by Mr Lynn Blodgett, President and Chief Executive Officer, Xerox ACS Introductory address by H.E. Samuel Žbogar, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Opening address by H.E. Borut Pahor, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia10.45 – 11.00 Foyer Break11.00 – 11.30 Grand Salon  Statement by Dr. Sam Natapoff, Senior Vice President, International Economic Development, NY  Presentation of the Slovenian business environment by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments, Mr. Zoran Stomatovski  Presentation of Slovenian companies by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Mr. Aleš Cantarutti11.30 – 12.15 Grand SalonGreen technology, a fast-growing segment of the economy, reinforces innovation as well as a variety ofPanel 1: Financing Green Technologybusiness models and financing mechanisms. What sources of funding are available to help grow greentechnology businesses, support start-ups and help deploy emerging technologies? What financingchallenges and opportunities are presented to green-tech companies?Moderator: Carl Lavin, Forbes Magazine  Ms. Felicidad Cristobal, Managing Director, Arcelor Mittal Foundation  Mr. Tate Rider, Renewable Energy Senior Project Manager, New York City Economic Development Corporation  Ms. Ann Kayman, Chief Executive Officer, the New York Grant Company  Ms. Diana Propeer de Cellejon, General Partner of Expansion Capital Partners12.15 – 12.30 Foyer Break
  5. 5. 412.30 – 01.15 Parallel panelsPanel A: Ecollogically-friendly building for long-term urban sustainabilityGrand Salon (3rd Floor)The environmental consequences of urban growth are considerable. Development of green buildings andrenewable sources of energy address some of the challenges presented by urbanization. What green-techsolutions are available and how can they be incorporated in the existing models of urbanization?Moderator: Ms. Debra DAgostino, Managing Editor, Business Research & Publishing, Economist Intelligence Unit  Mr. Joseph Fuller, Chief Executive Officer, Monitor Group  Mr. Boštjan Jevšek, Director of Strategic Projects, Trimo, Slovenia  Mr. Mark Minevich, Principal Strategist, Going Global Ventures  Mr. Janez Škrabec, Chief Executive Officer, Riko Group, SloveniaPanel B: Development of Clean Technologies as a Business OpportunityLounge (4th Floor)Green technology and related business models strive to achieve competitive returns while providingsustainable solutions to global challenges. What are the benefits and challenges that enterprises facewhen combining social responsibility with business opportunity? How do, or should, industrial policiescontribute to developing green techs?Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Mehta, Executive Editor, Fortune Magazine  Dr. Uroš Merc, Chief Executive Officer, Bisol, Slovenia  Ms. Jana Hudernik, Head of Strategic Planning, Keter Group, Slovenia  Mr. Amit Srivastava, Managing Partner, Entrepia Venture Fund  Mr. Marko Svetina, Chief Executive Officer, Inea, Slovenia Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia01.15 – 02.30 Grand Ballroom Reception in Honor of H.E. Borut Pahor, (2nd Floor)02.00 – 04.30 Library, Business to Business Meetings Lincoln Room (4th Floor)Program is followed by Slovenia Green Presentation and Workshop02.00 – 02.30 Foyer, (3rd Floor) Registration & Networking Welcome by H.E. Samuel Žbogar, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Slovenia02.30 – 03.00 Grand Salon, (3rd Floor) Slovenia Green: presentation of Green Tourism in Slovenia by Ms. Eva Štravs Podlogar, President of the Board of Directors of the STB Presentation of Slovenia by Mr. Michael Benz, STB – USA Media and Trade Representative03.00 – 05.00 Foyer, Grand Salon Business to Business Meetings & Slovenian Luncheon
  6. 6. 5 Slovenian Company ProfilesGreen Energywww.bisol.comBisol – PhotovoltaicsBISOL produces high quality mono- and multicrys-talline silicon photovoltaic modules designed forboth commercial and residential applications —suitable for grid-connected and stand-alone sys-tems. State-of-the-art production enable Bisol’smodules to be repeatedly ranked among the mostefficient in the world, and to have a 10-year war-ranty. Bisol is looking for investors in green energyprojects.www.ekobaseglobal.comEkobase Global – LED TechnologyAfter many years of producing LED lights for lead-ing manufacturers in the automotive industry(Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Porsche), Eko-base Global continues to pioneer patented outdoorLED lighting that is technologically advanced andexceptionally efficient. They are looking for po-tential investors in a manufacturing plant in theUSA, potential distributors and www.kiber.netINEA – Energy & AutomationINEA has over 30 years of experience in energymanagement, automation and manufacturing infor-matics. They developed a tool for balancing electric-ity supply and demand called the KIBERnet system.This SmartGrids technology is a fully automaticload-management tool intended for large loads inheavy industry and big commercial consumers. Thecompany has a US office in Atlanta, GA. Inea is look-ing for financial and joint venture partners.
  7. 7. 6www.iskra-mis.siIskra MIS – Energy ManagementIskra MIS provides products, services and innova-tive system solutions for efficient and user-friendlyenergy management. Their focus is on electricpower networks, distributed resources control,smart metering (AMM), smart usage of energy aswell as demand side management and smart instal-lations. They are looking for investors, service sup-pliers, partners in R&D and consultancy.www.KeterOrganica.comKeter Organica - Biogas Power PlantsKeter Organica is specialized in building biogaspower plants. Through development and innova-tion they have made the green energy from biogascheaper and more efficient, thus creating an out-standing energy solution via the production of en-ergy from bio-digestible waste. Their biogas powerplants are first in the world to use exceeding heatfor bio ethanol production. They are looking forpartners in R&D, technology and investment.www.soncna-energija.siSončna Energija - Energy ManagementCompany is developing innovative products forhigh efficiency conversion of sun and wind energyinto electric and heat energy. They developed anumber of patents that are currently in a prototypeor a small serial production. They are looking forstrategic partner or venture investors to enhanceits production capacity and sales activities and toestablish world-wide patenting
  8. 8. 7Automotive & Transportationwww.iskra-ae.comIskra AE – Automotive ElectronicsFor more than 40 years Iskra AE has specialized inautomotive electronics. It produces starter motorsand generators for internal combustion engines,electric motors as well as converters for use withrenewable sources of energy. Its R&D departmentis leading its transition towards electric-poweredvehicles. The company is looking for new custom-ers and partners in developing future applications.www.kolektor.comKolektor Group - Sustainable EngineeringKolektor Group provides a supply of key compo-nents to the European automotive industry. Thecore of the KOLEKTOR business is components,sub-systems, and systems not just for the automo-tive industry, but also for building and industry.Kolektor is a transnational company focusing ondevelopment and research-based marketing. Theyare looking for partners in production, R&D andtechnology.Robert Zaletel s.p. – ConsultancyRobert Zaletel s.p. works in market research andconsultancy, mainly in the automotive industry.Their projects include regional research manage-ment of Central and Eastern Europe for Jato Dy-namics Ltd, marketing services for Volvo Cars andresearch on business opportunities for IntelligentTraffic systems providers (TYCO). The company islooking for companies interested in doing businessin Europe, in energy, agriculture, construction andbuilding materials and engineering.
  9. 9. 8www.seaway.siSeaway - Boat DevelopmentSeaway is the world’s leading boat developmentcompany, providing design, engineering andtooling to sailboat, powerboat and yacht build-ers. A 150-strong international team of design-ers and engineers offer unmatched experience toboat-builders worldwide. In the past 26 years theyhave worked with 40 production boat-buildersfrom 20 countries. Seaway has created over 230projects that have given life to more than 55,000sailboats, powerboats and yachts. Their projectshave won 26 Boat of the Year awards across theEuropean Union and the United States of America.Engineeringwww.asobi.siAsobi - Creative ConsultancyAsobi is in the process of launching a new product- an electronic faucet that is controlled by a com-puter through a touch-sensitive user interface andcan be connected to a single control center. Thefaucet enables energy savings (10-15%), less waterconsumption (20-30%) and integration into smartbuilding systems (Konnex/KNX). Asobi is lookingfor financial investors for the www.fumis.siAtech Elektronika - Electronic SystemsATech is a leading manufacturer of electronic con-trol mechanisms for biomass boilers. They devel-oped a family of products titled FUMIS that controlwood biomass boilers & stoves. In combinationwith optional modules and PC software, FUMIS pro-vides for efficient configuration for complex woodbiomass heating systems. ATech is looking to intro-duce its products to the North American market.
  10. 10. 9www.mebius.siMebius – Components DevelopmentMebius develops electrodes, electro catalysts andother components with a high level of energy ef-ficiency as well as portable and small stationarystacks. Their R&D division also focuses on hydro-gen and fuel cell technologies. Mebius is looking forproducers and investors into portable & small sta-tionary FC systems and into LT & HT PEMFC com-ponents. mebiuswww.anigmo.comMM Partner – Electrical EngineeringMM Partner is specialized in a unique approachto human interfaces, in lighting, home automa-tion and active sensing. The company has devel-oped touchless dimming devices for controllingLED and fluorescent lighting bodies, particularlyfor application where cross-contamination con-trol is needed. They are looking for distributionof their products, industrial partners and inves-tors. They offer licensing of their patented tech-nology and expertise in electronic products.www.robotina.siRobotina - Automation & Management SystemsRobotina Ltd. provides automation of productionprocesses. The company’s control technology, de-veloped over 20 years, is used worldwide in indus-try, buildings, infrastructure, photovoltaic (solar)plants and in variety of other sustainable energysources (SPPS supervisory systems, SMB for solarplants, Integra IQ for buildings). Robotina is lookingfor partners in construction, energy industry andITT and for investors.
  11. 11. 10Valleynei Innovations – Private Investment,www.valleynei.comReseach and DevelopmentBased on their own innovations Valleynei is devel-oping a prototype flying device for personal mo-bility. Other company projects include systems forpersonal food production as well as complemen-tary processes for the provision of energy and cleanwater. Valleynei Innovations offer their innovationsthrough licensing and are looking for investors.www.korona.siKorona – Power EngineeringKorona offers a comprehensive range of high-qualityengineering services related to hydro, solar, wind,thermal & gas power plants, transmission and distri-bution of energy, systems for control and supervision,operational and strategic management, petroleumderivates warehousing. They are looking for poten-tial investors in energy sector in South-Eeast Europe,especially for wind, solar and hydro power plants.Construction & Buildingwww.adar.siAdar – Smart BuildingsAdar Consultants & Engineers are experts in low-impact architecture and are specialized in prefab-ricated smart buildings. Their innovative modulardesign is cost effective and energy self-sufficient.Adar’s smart houses have an option for small-scalefood production on/in the building. Adar is lookingfor partners in production and for investors.
  12. 12. www.starckwithriko.comRiko Houses - Green BuildingsThe Riko Company manages innovative turnkeyengineering projects in energy and ecology, logis-tics and transportation system, industry and civilengineering. They manufacture prefabricated, highenergy efficient ECO houses. Their latest project isDemocratic Eco House which they developed withthe French designer Philippe Starck. Riko is lookingfor distributors, property developers, constructioncompanies and subcontractors as well as for archi-tects.www.trimo.euTrimo – EngineeringFounded in 1961, Trimo offers complete buildingsolutions, building envelope systems, prefabricatedsteel solutions and modular building solutions.99% of the materials used in Trimo’s products arerecyclable. Trimo is looking for real-estate develop-ers and general contractors seeking new, high-endmodular sustainable building solutions.www.vizuarna.comVizuarna – Design ConsultancyVizuarna is a design consultancy focused on cor-porate identities and is a specialist in develop-ing an interactive design system for annual re-ports. Their innovative product is the interactiveannual report 365i which enables businessesto create easily-accessible paperless annual re-ports. They are looking for companies interestedin their interactive design system for annual re-ports and partners in publishing and print media.
  13. 13. Short Biographies of Moderators and Panelists 12Panel 1: Financing Green TechnologyCarl Lavin has been a managing editor at since 2007. Lavin has helped direct Pulitzer-le-Carl Lavin, Forbes Magazinevel coverage of issues ranging from the urban underclass to the 9/11 terror attacks. Previously, he wasDeputy Managing Editor for online and multimedia content at The Philadelphia Inquirer. Lavin has beenresponsible for foreign, national, metro, science, health and business news. He joined The Inquirer in2004, after 20 years at The New York Times, including six years as Deputy Washington Editor.As head of the philanthropic arm of world’s largest steel company, Felicidad Cristobal has a vital roleFelicidad Cristobal, Managing Director, Arcelor Mittal Foundationin ensuring that current and new business ventures are positively integrated into the local community.Environmental impact is a crucial consideration, playing a prominent role in the Foundation’s work withlocal communities, providing Ms. Cristobal with unique knowledge of how sustainability may be imple-mented in the context of a developing community.Tate Rider, Senior Project Manager, Renewable Energy, New York City Economic DevelopmentTate Rider serves at NYCEDC as the point person for renewable energy issues, policies, and privateCorporation (NYCEDC)sector inquiries for New York City. He also manages the Mayor’s Hospital Challenge, a partnership on re-ducing greenhouse gas emissions. Prior to NYCEDC, Tate worked on the economic development team inthe Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Los Angeles) on clean technology business development. Tatealso served as an advisor for clean technology partnerships to the Los Angeles Department of Water andPower, the nation’s largest municipal utility.The New York Grant Company is a private consulting and advocacy service that specializes in securingAnn Kayman, Chief Executive Officer, The New York Grant Companyeconomic incentives and grants for businesses and organizations throughout New York City. Its CEO,Ann Kayman, a lawyer with 25 years of experience, served as chief of Business Development for the Cityof New York and as Senior Vice President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation.,working with both the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations.Ms. Propper de Cellejon has over twenty years of experience in investing in green-tech companies. Be-Diana Propper de Cellejon, General Partner, Expansion Capital Partnersginning in the late 1980’s onwards, Ms. Propper de Cellejon worked with small businesses in Africa andSouth America to implement sustainable development agendas. Following this she founded EA Capitaland co-ran it for more than ten years. Her work has encompassed a variety of areas including energy,agriculture and advanced materials.
  14. 14. 13Panel A: Ecollogically-friendly building for long-term urban sustainabilityDebra DAgostino joined the Economist Intelligence Unit in July 2007 as senior technology editor be-Debra DAgostino, Managing Editor, Business Research & Publishing, Economist Intelligence Unitfore taking on her current role as deputy director. Before joining the Economist Intelligence Unit, shespent several years as an editor and writer at CIO Insight, a business and technology strategy journalshe helped launch at Ziff Davis in May 2001. Debra has been twice recognised by American BusinessMedia for excellence in business journalism, and has received numerous national gold awards from theAmerican Society of Business Publication Editors.As the co-founder and CEO of Monitor Group, a global consultancy, Joseph Fuller has advised a wideJoseph Fuller, Chief Executive Officer, Monitor Grouprange of businesses across the globe. What unites the majority of his clients is their reliance on tech-nology. Mr. Fuller’s expertise in corporate strategy, corporate governance, and organizational dynamicsmakes him an invaluable resource to technology companies shaping their development strategies.Trimo is Slovenia’s leading producer of modular steel buildings with operations across Europe. 99%Bostjan Jevsek, Director of Strategic Projects, Trimo, Sloveniaof the materials used in Trimo’s products are recycable. As the Director of Strategic Projects at Trimo,Bostjan Jevsek is charged with building new relationships on behalf of the company, particularly in theUnited States. Over the last ten years he has held several executive posts within the Slovenian businesscommunity, with extensive experience in strategic operations.Mark Minevich is a founder and chairman of the Billion Minds Foundation and a Principal of GoingMark Minevich, Principal Strategist, Going Global VenturesGlobal Ventures. He is author of several acclaimed books, including Six Billon Minds. He has served as atechnology and strategy consultant advisor to Deutsche Bank. At IBM, he was a Strategy Executive andCTO. Minevich has advised the U.S. government on innovation as well as bilateral relationships withemerging economies such as Russia and Ukraine. He is a recipient of the Albert Einstein Award and ofthe World Trade Leadership Award.In 1991 Janez Škrabec founded Riko, a company focused on machine and environmental engineering,Janez Skrabec, Chief Executive Officer, Riko Group, Sloveniaenergy solutions and construction. Today, Riko Group encompasess also Riko Houses and Riko Invest,and is present in nearly every European country, reaching toward Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. JanezŠkrabec is a reknown philanthropist and a founding member of the UN Global Compact, Slovenia.
  15. 15. 14Panel B: Development of Clean Technologies as a Business OpportunityStephanie Mehta is currently the global editor at Fortune. Prior to this position, she covered the tele-Stephanie Mehta, Executive Editor, Fortune Magazinecommunications and media industries. She joined Fortune from The Wall Street Journal, where she wasan assistant news editor, reporting and editing technology stories. Mehta joined the Journal in 1994 as astaff reporter for the paper’s Enterprise group and was promoted to deputy bureau chief of that groupin 1996.In 2004, Uroš Merc, who received his Ph.D. in quantum mechanics, started his research and deve-Dr. Uros Merc, Chief Executive Officer, Bisol, Slovenialopment of industrial scaled c-Si solar cells. In 2006, he co-funded Bisol and assumed his present positi-on as its President & CEO. Bisol is Slovenias largest producer of solar panels and its modules are repeat-edly ranked among the most efficient in the world. BISOL Group is present in Belgium, France, Italy, andGermany.Keter Organica, a specialist in biogas systems, is dedicated to providing alternative sources to theJanja Hudernik, Keter Organica, Sloveniaworlds energy needs. Embodying their entrepreneurial attitude, Ms. Hudernik is Head of its StrategicPlanning. Through development and innovation they have made the green energy from biogas cheaperand more efficient, thus creating an outstanding energy solution via the production of energy from bio-digestible waste. Their biogas power plants are first in the world to use exceeding heat for bio ethanolproduction.Amit Srivastava is a Managing Partner of Entrepia and currently serves as a member of the Boards ofAmit Srivastava, Managing Partner, Entrepia Venture FundDirectors of Achronix and Intransa and as a Board Observer at Vantrix, Freelinc and HelloSoft. Priorto joining Entrepia in 2001, Mr. Srivastava worked for seven years at JP Morgan Chase, including fouryears at JP Morgan Partners, where he was the Portfolio Manager of a private equity portfolio of over700 investments in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, with an aggregate carried valueexceeding $10 billion. Prior to his work at JP Morgan Chase, Mr. Srivastava was a Principal for five yearsat Mercer Management Consulting.INEA has over 30 years of experience in energy management, automation and manufacturing informat-Marko Svetina, Chief Executive Officer, Inea, Sloveniaics. One of their proudest developments is a tool for balancing electricity supply and demand called theKIBERnet system. This SmartGrids technology is a fully automatic load-management tool intended forlarge loads in heavy industry and big commercial consumers. Marko Svetina has spent the last six yearsat the firm as part of the executive management team that has built it into the success it is today.
  16. 16. 15 List of Participants1. H.E. Borut Pahor, Prime Minister 28. Laura Bucko, Manhattan of the Republic of Slovenia Chamber of Commerce2. H.E. Samuel Zbogar, Foreign 29. Barbara Bulc, Global Development Minister of the Republic of Slovenia 30. Samo Burja, Ekobase Global3. H.E. Sanja Stiglic, Permanent 31. Carlton Bush, Lucky Girl Media Representative of Slovenia 32. Ana Buzik, DS Factoring to the United Nations 33. Ales Cantarutti, Chamber of4. Roozbeh Aliabadi, Global Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Growth Advisors 34. Jozef Casar, Telargo5. Jeff Altman, VIP Cruises and Tours 35. Joshua Cender, Mezco6. Blake Anding, Office Depot 36. Wally Champen, Homeland Safety Inc.7. J. Michael Andrews, Castelmac 37. Gregory S. Chan, Consulate8. Aljaz Arih, Ministry of of Slovenia Miami Foreign Affairs of Slovenia 38. Chris Chang, DS- Factoring9. Barbara Penny Angelakis, 39. Ami Cholia, Breaking Luxury Web Magazine Media - Alt Transport10. Jeremiah Baronberg, Dutko Worldwide 40. Jane Cohen, JAC Travel11. Gerie Bauer, Geat Spas of the World 41. Felicidad Cristobal, Arcelor12. Bernard Bauer, Leisure Mittal Foundation Hospitality Travel 42. Michael Dabbene, NYS Energy13. Richard Beaver, Beaver Research & Development Authority Home Builders, Inc 43. Debra Dagostino, The Economist14. Kathleen Beckett, Freelance 44. Morton Davis, D.H. Blair15. Michael Benson, Kinetikon Pictures 45. Tineke de Vries, Consulate16. Michael Benz, Slovenian Tourist Board General of the Netherlands17. Jeffrey Bernstein, Manhattan 46. Jen Demura, Slovenian Tourist Board Chamber of Commerce 47. David Denker, Niagara Conservation18. Edward Beyeder, Partner 48. Ashley DiMattei, IT By Design NewTechInvest Ukraine 49. Simona Dimic, Office of the19. Agnes Birnbaum, JAC Travel Prime Minister of Slovenia20. Lynn Blodgett, Xerox ACS 50. Marc Dlugoff, The Scenographer21. Paula Blum, Aegean Travel Agency 51. William Dobson, RBK Architects, Inc22. Paula Blum, Correys Travel Network 52. Clara Drew, Consulate23. Gregory L. Cotton, MAG7 General of Slovenia Venture Group, LLC 53. Maja Drolec, Celtra Inc24. Anthony Boas, Janssen Boas 54. Yaron Eitan, SCP Partners25. Denis Bolcina, Keter Organica 55. Kari Elwell, Katzander26. Robert Brezovnik, Mingo Design, LLC Valleynei Innovations 56. Ted Estes, Project Assistance27. Andrej Brstovsek, Dnevnik Corporation (PAC)
  17. 17. 1657. Andy Van Etten, World 88. Lucija Jager, Slovenian Tourist Board Technology Corporation 89. Aleks Jakulin, Columbia University58. Susan Farewell, Freelance writer 90. Marko Jare, Chamber of Commerce59. Ahmed Fattouh, Baron Advisors LLC and Industry of Slovenia60. Ghassan Fattouh, E.E. Electrician 91. Vlasta Jesenicnik, TV Slovenia61. Tom Fehn, HSBC 92. Bostjan Jevsek, Trimo62. Michael Felman, Msf Capital Advisors 93. Michael Johnson63. Crispin Fernandez, 94. Andre Joseph, NYC Department of Business World Travel Youth and Commnunity Development64. Beth Forer, Eisner Design LLC 95. Ivan Kamin, MC Graphics, Inc.65. Joseph Fuller, Monitor Group 96. Aram Kang, World Resources Institute66. Darja Gacnik, Slovenia Travel, Inc. 97. Mitja Karun, ABC rent a car67. James Gallagher, New York City 98. Linda Katzoff, Freelance Travel Agent Economic Development Corporation 99. Ann Kayman, The New68. Edwin Garcia, Garcia Mingo Design, LLC York Grant Company69. Alejandro Garrido, 100. Mojca Kemperle, Consulate Aviajar Travel & Tours General of Slovenia70. Emil Gaspari, Tri - Wines, Inc. 101. Moon Kim71. Vladimir Gasparic, Ministry 102. Elizabeth Kiss, Koch Travel Bureau of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia 103. Lucija Klansek, Slovenia 4 You72. Jan Gasparic, Consulate 104. Deborah Knaack, Bertini General of Slovenia 105. Marjan Kolar, Keter Organica73. Rupert A. Gaznabbi, 106. Nena Komarica, Croatian JPMorgan Chase Bank National Tourist Office USA74. Connie Greenspan, Altour 107. Sebastijan Kopusar, Delo75. Marko Grobalnik, World 108. Dave Korkoian, Blue Star Strategies Technology Corporation 109. Peter Korosec, Domel76. Anna Gurevich, GWE 110. Aziz Kreso, Adria Airways American Express Travel 111. Correy Kustin, Correys Travel Network77. Peter Hargrove, IBR News 112. Tadeja Lampert, POP TV78. Fernando Herrera, Montealto 113. Lyle Landon, Cameron Company79. Martin Hirsch, Seeing the World 114. Andrej Lapuh, ISKRA MIS80. Terri Hirsch, Seeing the World 115. Barry Lavery, Baruch College,81. Donna Hope, Vokashi Zicklin School of Business82. Bostjan Horjak, Liberty Slovenia 116. Joshua Lee83. Igor Hrovat, Soncna Energija 117. Simona Leskovar, Permanent84. Jana Hudernik, Keter Organica Mission of Slovenia to the UN85. Adi Ibric, FEBA Business Council 118. Sharyn Lewis, Lewis86. Brenda Irizarry, FROSCH Travel Management87. Sergei Ivanov, Markit 119. Darja List, ADAR
  18. 18. 17120. Wilson Lu, AmeriAsia Capital 149. Devid Palcic, ROBOTINA121. Irena Lukac, Embassy of 150. Ronald Paltrowitz, Law Slovenia Washington Offices of Ronald I. Paltrowitz122. Marko Makovec, Office of 151. Anjuli Pandit, Tata Consultancy Services the Prime Minister of Slovenia 152. Gabe Pellathy, US Steel123. Helen Marks, Rich Worldwide Travel 153. Matej Pestotnik, ADAR124. Helen Marks, ProTravel 154. Jeanee Piro, Altour125. Hugh Marriott, Service FM 155. Ivona Piwonska, Central126. Bill McCue, Travel Matters Inc. Park Travel Inc.127. Stephanie Mehta, Fortune Magazine 156. Eva Stravs Podlogar, Tourist Board Bled128. Uros Merc, BISOL 157. Boris Pogacnik, Pogacnik Architects129. Natalie Michaels, Natalie 158. Ursa Ponikvar, Permanent Michaels Travel & Meetings Mission of Slovenia to the UN130. Lydia Mihelic, Pulsipher 159. Klemen Ponikvar, Consulate Consulate of Slovenia Knoxville General of Slovenia131. Mihael Mikek, Celtra Inc 160. Robert Poredos, STA132. Jernej Miler, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 161. Mary Post, U need 2 Travel133. Lee Miller, VIP Cruises and Tours 162. Liz Pozind, GWE American134. Mark Minevich, Going Global Ventures Express Travel135. Ranko Mocnik, ISKRA AE 163. Anton Pregelj, Valleynei Innovations136. Melita Gabric, Consulate 164. Diana Propeer, de Cellejon of Slovenia, New York Capital Partners137. Gorazd Modrijan, ISKRA AE 165. Svetlana Pruss, Adria Airways138. Roberto Monteleone, Montel 166. Misha Radulovic, Unique World Cruises Cruise and Travel Center 167. Nassim Ramzan, GWE139. Claudia Monteleone, Montel American Express Travel Cruise and Travel Center 168. Amin Ramzan, GWE140. Miriam Mozgan, Ministry American Express Travel of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia 169. Lerato Rapoo, nxG Energy141. Katharina Mueller, Manhattan 170. Steve Rehm, Citadel Securities Chamber of Commerce (Citadel Investment Group)142. Vida Mulec, 15 Fundation 171. Alvin Herbert, Reiss Arts Management143. Mao Nakai, Japan External 172. Susan Richter, Nationwide News Trade Organization (JETRO) 173. Tate Rider, New York City Economic144. Raghav Nandagopal, Exigen Capital Development Corporation145. Sam Natapoff, International 174. Gabrielle Riera, Grenea Economic Development, NY 175. Hilarij Rolih, Inlere, Inc.146. Peter Nemcek, INEA 176. Miha Rott, Unique Slovenia147. Sally Painter, Blue Star Strategies 177. Jason Rupp, Freelance Travel Agent148. Todd Palcic, Global Growth Advisors
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