CzechInvest - ICT Sector - Matous Kostlivy


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CzechInvest - ICT Sector - Matous Kostlivy

  1. 1. Czech Enterprise Demo Day Matouš Kostlivý| Sector Manager for ICT New York, June 3, 2014
  2. 2. 1. Education 2. Workforce 3. R&D Case Study: IT4Innovations 4. Case Study: Big Data 5. Case Study: Cyber Security 6. List of FDI 7. Summary Content
  3. 3. Population 10.5 million Labor force 5.3 million Unemployment 8.0 % GDP growth (2012) -1.1 % GDP growth (*2013) 0.1 % Annual inflation 3.3 % Hub in the Heart of Europe Czech Republic
  4. 4. HRADEC KRALOVE Students: 1,832 Graduates: 283 MORAVIA-SILESIA Students: 4,535 Graduates: 932 OLOMOUC REGION Students: 516 Graduates: 52 PARDUBICE REGION Students: 1,656 Graduates: 270 LIBEREC REGION Students: 867 Graduates: 182 ZLIN REGION Students: 1,735 Graduates: 473 SOUTH MORAVIA Students: 9,725 Graduates: 2,363 PLZEN REGION Students: 2,619 Graduates: 560 Source: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, 2014 Note: according to the selected educational fields PRAGUE REGION Students: 12,071 Graduates: 2,541 CZECH REPUBLIC Students: 37,752 Graduates: 7,990 ICT University Students & Graduates in Regions
  5. 5. ╌ Creative, innovative, experienced and skilled professionals ╌ Quality of the Labor Pool – Tradition, Talent and Passion ╌ Cultural Compatibility and Emotional Intelligence ╌ The Czech Republic maintains a high quality of life Labor Cost Comparison of Annual Wages (EUR) for Programmer Source: Global 50. Remuneration Planning Report, Watson Wyatt Data Services
  6. 6. IT4Innovations ╌ National Centre of Excellence in the field of information technologies ╌ Strengthening concentration of a wide range of scientific disciplines relating to information technologies
  7. 7. Case Study:, the Czech Google IT4Innovations supercomputer ready to process topographical data for a new 3D maps. Researchers apply computationally intensive algorithms to create 3D models of towns and cities based on two-dimensional aerial photographs Images covering nearly 8000 km2 will be processed in about 6 months, a surface area that corresponds to 10% of the Czech Republic.
  8. 8. Merck Sharp & Dohme In 2014 MSD invested in a huge center analyzing patient data for the best and most efficient treatment Investments worth 50 million USD and 200 jobs for university graduates IT specialists, engineers, economists and doctors with a unique task, to create computer structures that may analyze data on patients Support for all applications it makes for patients - telemedicine The algorithms help doctors speed up the diagnosing of images
  9. 9. ╌ AVG Technologies is a leading rock-solid antivirus software formed in 1991 by Jan Gritzbach and Tomáš Hofer ╌ Pavel Baudiš in 1988 (then Prague’s Mathematical Machines Research Institute) wrote a program able to remove Viena Virus. Later on Eduard Kučera and Ondřej Vlček join the team and develop Avast! antivirus Cyber Security Powerhouse
  10. 10. Cognitive Security ╌ Focused on applying artificial intelligence techniques to detect advanced cyber threats ╌ Their solution integrates a range of sophisticated technologies to identify and analyze key threats, both external and internal to a customer through advanced behavioral analysis of real-time data ╌ On February 25, 2013 Cisco announced the completion of its acquistion of Cognitive Security, a privately held, 28 person company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic Cyber Security Potential - Case study
  11. 11. Selected Projects and Clusters
  12. 12. Geographic Location in the Centre of Europe Well Educated and Skilled Labor Force Favorable Labor Costs R&D and Innovation Capabilities Attractive Business Climate Why the Czech Republic?
  13. 13. The New Technologies Made in the Czech Republic – Belladati – Boldbrick – Invea-Tech – Modgen – Safetica – Trustport
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention. Contact us!