Destination wedding survival guide


Published on The Destination Wedding Survival Guide is your complete step-by-step book on how to plan your dream destination wedding on any budget. Learn the do's and don'ts that are unique to wedding away from home ... With over 180 pages we cover hundreds of topics including: destination wedding location, budget, dresses, hair, vendors, invitations, planning, photography, bridal websites, passports and official paperwork,

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Destination wedding survival guide

  1. 1. Why Stress Out ... orRe-Invent the Wheel ... When You Can Learn From Brides and Grooms Who Have Literally "Gone" Before You!
  2. 2. My name is Suzanne Franco Land and my husband, Ken, and I got married at a gorgeous all-inclusive resort in Tulum, Mexico on June 30, 2009.
  3. 3. I absolutely loved being a destination weddingbride and you will too … as long as you get the “scoop” from those of us who have gone before you!
  4. 4. To be perfectly honest with you … I had NO idea what I was getting myself into! In fact, once we made thedecision to have a destination wedding … I found myself solost and stressed out I could hardly think straight …
  5. 5. I spent countless hours online searching for answers (and ideas) and I honestly felttotally lost and alone. And to make it even worse … the more I learned about destination weddings … the more I realized how much I didn’t know about the subject! LOL
  6. 6. I don‟t want you to feelas lost or alone as I did … so I’ve teamed up with industry expert, ErikaCeleste, to bring you the complete guide to planning your dream destination wedding …
  7. 7. The book is over 180 pages jam packed with straight-to-the-point, tips and ideas … with detailed step-by- step instructions … and honest advice and topics that you won’t find in any of the other “wedding” books out there.
  8. 8. This survival guide addresses the real lifeissues that you‟re facing right now as a destination weddingbride … and we give youeasy-to-follow solutions!
  9. 9. In fact … Here are just a few of the topicsthat will help you savetime and money … and still let you pull off the wedding of your dreams …
  10. 10. Many brides and grooms make the decision that they wantto have a destination wedding but soon find out that it’s not an easy task to find a location that will make their friends and family happy and still make themecstatic about their big day.
  11. 11. “My fiancé and I were having a reallyhard time choosing a destination thatwould make us happy and that wasdoable for most of our friends andfamily. We used your brainstormingtechniques and now we’re super excitedto be getting married in the Napa WineCountry! Thank you so much Suzanne”~Angie (and Jim), Chicago, Illinois
  12. 12. By far the most searcheddestination wedding topics online fall into what we call the destination wedding etiquette category … and these topics are hot, hot, hot ladies! In fact, you better know this stuff or you’ll be known as “bridezilla” for sure! LOL
  13. 13. “I had no idea why there was so much tensionbetween me and my future in-laws ~ but after Iread the etiquette section in your book it becamepainfully clear that I was (unknowingly) hurtingfeelings and coming off as bossy and selfish.You guaranteed that we would save more than thecost of the book but I want you to know that youactually helped me save some very importantrelationships and that’s way more important to me!(as for monetary savings you’ve showed us severalways to do that too)”“Almost Bridezilla,” San Diego, California
  14. 14. When it comes to weddings … most people have a limited budget for what they can spend … and of course that budget isdifferent for each one of us. You should know that there is nocookie-cutter budget out therethat will make sense for planning your destination wedding.
  15. 15. In this section we spell outwhat products and services might be on your wedding wish list and we help you find as many ways as possible to stretch yourbudget so you can have the wedding of your dreams – despite your particular spending limits!
  16. 16. This is also the section where Ishare my expertise on how to negotiate with your vendors (and for anything you buy for the rest of your life!) and Ipersonally guarantee you will save more than the cost of the book … or I will refund every single penny you’ve paid for the book … no questions asked!
  17. 17. “Suzanne, I‟ve never written about something I purchasedbefore but after I received your email asking about successstories I decided to go for it!My fiance was not too excited that I purchased your book (sorryjust being honest) but last week he was leaving the house to golook at a motorcycle he saw on Craigslist and I had him read thesection on negotiating. Well I „m happy to report that he usedyour “ninja” negotiating technique and he got the bike for$700 BELOW what he was WILLING to pay!He came home thanking me … but I told him that you deservethe praise. Now we‟re excited to see how we do negotiatingwith our vendors – wish us luck. Thanks again!”~Patsy (and Jimmy), Newark, New Jersey
  18. 18. Well … it just wouldn’t be possible to list every single topic that’s included in, “The Destination Wedding Survival Guide,” but I promise you it ischalk-full of detailed information and guidance for having a very successful destination wedding.
  19. 19. I’d like to ask you personallyto go out on a limb here and give yourself permission to invest in this complete blueprint … I know it will help you plan the most amazing destination wedding you could ever imagine!
  20. 20. In fact, I’ll tell you what … don’t take my word for it … simply try out “The Destination Wedding Survival Guide“ Today at NO RISK … and see if it will help assist you in your planning …
  21. 21. It’s only a very small investment to gain the experience and knowledge from those of us who have gone down the “destination wedding aisle” before you … and if you are not completely satisfied with the bookfor whatever reason you can havea full refund, no questions asked …. I am taking the entire risk here for you!
  22. 22. I look forward to helping youplan your “big” day! Every time I hear from one of my readers … I get all giddy (and I’ll admit … I even tear up)! It’s an honor to be a “part” of such an important day for so many brides and grooms (and their friends and families). Will you trust me to help you too? *SmiLes* Suzanne
  23. 23. Available for Immediate Download!