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Interaction17 hybridservices feb2017


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The Meaning of Technology in Services and Hybrid Services
(Current title: Seeking for the best experience, Ambient Intelligence meets Service Experience Design)
February 5, 2017 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM at Interaction 17

Are you prepared for the new design challenges? Do you understand the impact of the emerging technology like IoT, embodied, location-based, and hybrid interactions? Have you heard about Pokemon Go? What about Beacons?
Technology in the physical environment can be the elephant in the room when badly implemented. To better understand how well technology fits into different physical environments, it is necessary to discover the right moment to bring digital to the user journey.
In this workshop, participants will explore the role of technology in places. Firstly, participants will be introduced to a framework inspired by the User Experience Hierarchy of Needs model (Stephen P. Anderson, 2011) to understand the different focuses designers can have when creating a user experience lifecycle journey. Secondly, it will be presented tools to help them to visualize how technology can play a meaningful role in hybrid environments. Lastly, considering the first and second sessions’ insights, participants will learn how to maximize technology’s role by understanding the possibilities and limitations of a technological layer and how it can enhance, expand or deepen the engagement.

Published in: Design
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Interaction17 hybridservices feb2017

  3. 3. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 3 01 // TEAM // JANE VITA Service Design Lead / Ixonos Jane Vita has several years of experience in digital services and media, including cross platform design, digital strategy, digital reputation, and performance. Throughout her career, she has helped to create new digital services and transform existing ones with clients including Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Volvo, Renault, Marcopolo, Porto Seguro, Nokian Tyres, Iittala, Viking Line, Safmarine, YIT, and Fira. // MARIA LUMIAHO Service Design Lead / Futurice Maria Lumiaho is a designer driven by a sense of wonder and curiosity for a brighter future together. Her areas of expertise include Digital Strategy, Service Design, Experience Design & Interaction Design. She has envisioned and transformed digital services for a wide variety of clients including Airbus, BMW, Volkswagen, Finnair, Helsinki Airport, Germanwings, and Nespresso. Who we are :) Twitter @JANEVITA @MARIALUMIAHO #IXD17
  4. 4. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 4 02 // SERVICE EXPERIENCE DESIGN When designing experiences you should ask yourself, who are you designing for and what is the experience your target audience is seeking. User experience design won’t work in every situation for every user because, as human beings, we are all different. The best we can do is design for specific experiences and highlight certain behaviours, but we can’t impose or predict the actual experience itself. You have to leave your comfort zone and talk with users and stakeholders, observe them. They will not design your service though, but they will give you valuable insights to create and promote the best experience. Service Experience Design Who Thebest Insights “It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.” Don Norman
  5. 5. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 5 TASKS &EXPERIENCES User Experience Hierarchy of Needs by Stephen P. Anderson Focus on experiences driven by what your users want to do rather than business objectives or the mechanics of delivering your service. 03 // PERSUASIVE DESIGN
  6. 6. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 6 01 02 03 Getting from tasks to experiences Focus on business 01, 02, 03 FUNCTIONAL RELIABLE USABLE A Functional experience means that you service works well. It works but it is also trustful, it guarantees performance and achieving the goal is possible. It works, it is trustful but it is also easy to use, and the end-user can experience it more intuitively. 03 // PERSUASIVE DESIGN
  7. 7. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 7 04 05 06 Getting from tasks to experiences Focus on user needs 04, 05, 06 CONVENIENT PLEASURABLE MEANINGFUL It is fitting in well with a person's needs, activities, and plans. It also has all the previous properties. It is enjoyable, the person will lose the sense of time, because it is great to be there. It has a personal attachment, it will achieve your memory or it will match with your beliefs. It has a personal meaning. 03 // PERSUASIVE DESIGN
  8. 8. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 8
  9. 9. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 9 04 // THE WEB EVOLUTION
  10. 10. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 10 04 // THE WEB EVOLUTION
  11. 11. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 11 04 // THE WEB EVOLUTION
  12. 12. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 12 04 // THE WEB EVOLUTION
  13. 13. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 13 05 // AGE OF SHIFTING VALUES
  14. 14. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 14
  15. 15. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 15
  16. 16. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 16 06 // IOT SERVICE KIT
  17. 17. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 17 06 // IOT SERVICE KIT
  18. 18. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 18 06 // IOT SERVICE KIT
  19. 19. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 19 06 // IOT SERVICE KIT
  20. 20. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 20 07 // HANDS ON WORK Creatively think about tech Hands on work part 1/4 40min Brainstorm about a persona and the many possibilities technology can play on enabling her/him to achieve different goals. Please, don't spend much time in making sense of the journey or the service, the goal is to get to know the technologies. Tools IOT SERVICE KIT It is a co-creative tool for exploring user-centric interactive scenarios. The goal is to let user experience drive the process of merging physical and digital realities into successful digital services. http://iotservicekit. com/
  21. 21. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 21 07 // HANDS ON WORK Refine the context Hands on work part 2/4 40min Revisit the scenario and think about other elements that will help you to refine the context, such as what changes when the time or even season changes, what are the other objects that are placed around, among other things. How these new elements can add to the experience you have just created? Change your scenario as many times you want until you get a satisfactory path that leverage technology. Tools IOT SERVICE KIT It is a co-creative tool for exploring user-centric interactive scenarios. The goal is to let user experience drive the process of merging physical and digital realities into successful digital services.
  22. 22. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 22 07 // HANDS ON WORK Persuasive design Hands on work part 3/4 20min Revisit the scenario and now using the behaviour cube think what will motivate the user to interact with the technology you just built in that space. Use post-it notes to visualize the triggers. Tools BEHAVIOUR CUBE Big behaviour questions and answers with lists of valid motivators you could consider during development.
  23. 23. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 23 07 // HANDS ON WORK Group presentation Hands on work part 4/4 YOUR IMAGINATION Imagination is the most powerful thing that humans have and it is very useful, don't limit yourself. Tools 20min Take your time to create the best way to share your scenario with the groups. Let us know how the process helped you to come up with the current solution. Please, share also the questions you have about the process.
  24. 24. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 24 Users should be encouraged to explore and have autonomy to select their next steps and immerse in specific interaction points. Rather than paths, sandboxes are not shaping behaviour, instead they create engagement and keep user in control. They will decide what happens, how they will play with your service building blocks, that were being assigned with a contextual meaning. This system thinking though, do not apply to all kinds of services, but it works for places with specific purpose (e.g. library, university, smart home). 08 //WRAP-UP How do we create engagement by designing sandboxes, rather than paths? "Shape and influence a user’s path, to creating engaging environments where people may determine how and under what circumstances to best engage with a system." Stephen P. Anderson
  25. 25. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 25 08 //WRAP-UP RECAP • We briefly talked about what is important to consider when designing a service experience. • We tried to use technology creatively to see where it could lead & what can be done. • We introduced and used IoT Service Kit and Behaviour Cube to leverage technology meaning and its content in the service experience. • We collectively presented our scenarios and got feedback. • We gave insights about what to expect next.
  26. 26. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 26 08 //WRAP-UP Questions? Feedback?
  27. 27. Interaction 17 © Ixonos @Futurice I 27 Jane Vita Service Design Lead @janevita Maria Lumiaho Service Design Lead @marialumiaho Thank you!