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Trend intro Facts about the trend Challenges Opportunities
Today’s patients are consumers and
have high expectations for healthcare
customer experiences.
Offering patients the option of paying a
visit to a nurse practitioner when making
health- or wellness-oriented purchases.
Urgent retail clinics and convenient
opening hours.
Caregivers should have easy access to
patients’ previous medical information if
they have questions or need additional
information (Integrated delivery
Mothers are the healthcare gatekeepers
for families. When 70,6% of mothers are
juggling busy schedules at work and at
home, convenience becomes an important
factor in healthcare provider selection.
A Harris Interactive/ HealthDay survey
reports the number of people who use the
retail health clinics has jumped from 7% in
2008 to 27%. Unsurprisingly, younger adults
are more likely use this type of clinic than
older adults. 40% of adults between the
ages of 25 to 29 used a retail or work-
based clinic versus only 15% of adults aged
65 and older.
Unlike other businesses that only
care about giving consumers what
they want in order to make a sale,
healthcare professionals have a
responsibility to provide the public
with what it needs - even when it’s
not necessarily what it wants.
Patients don’t really want to be
Transparent pricing via collaboration
Hospitals and healthcare providers
should learn how to provide a better
experience by benchmarking other
industries - particularly the retail

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