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  1. 1. IslamBy Janet Wang
  2. 2. Fast Facts• Founded in Arabian Peninsula, 622CE• Only one God, called Allah• Islam means ‘submission’ & ‘Obedience’• Followers of Islam: Muslims• Second largest religion in the world• Main region: Middle East & North Africa• Symbol: crescent moon & star
  3. 3. Prophet Muhammad• Often regarded as the founder of Islam• Born in A.D. 570 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia• Last prophet to be sent by Allah
  4. 4. The Holy Qur’an• Written in Arabic• Muslims believe it is ‘the word of God’• Muslim beliefs & practices are rooted in Qur’an• Same prophets from the Bible, including Jesus• Placed on a special wooden stand to be read
  5. 5. Mosque• A building for Muslims to worship God• Often have domed roof & minarets• No pictures or statues in a mosque• Decorated with patterns & words from the Qur’an• ‘Qibla wall’ facing Mecca, to give Muslims direction to pray
  6. 6. Prayer• Perform ‘wudu’ (sacred wash) before prayer• Pray 5 times a day • Fajr • Dhuhr • Asr • Maghrib • Isha• Men & women pray in different places• Face in the direction of Mecca while praying
  7. 7. Call to Prayer
  8. 8. Five Pillars of Islam• Shahadah: declaration of faith• Salah: prayer• Zakat: giving a fixed proportion to charity• Saum: fasting during the month of Ramadan• Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca
  9. 9. Mecca• Kaaba: cube-shaped building found in the center of the Grand Mosque• Holiest place on earth for Muslims• Built by Prophet Abraham• Birth place of Prophet Muhammad
  10. 10. Ramadan• One of the major festival• Ninth month of the Islamic calendar• Fast during the hours of daylight, not eating and drinking• Continues for 1 month• Muslims wake up early before Fajr and have a light meal• Fast-breaking meal: iftar
  11. 11. Clothing• Women wear ‘abaya’ or ‘hijab’• Keep themselves save from males, especially adults• Men usually wear ‘taqiyah’
  12. 12. The End