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Winners: DigitalFilipino - Search Profile Index Social Networking Awards 2011


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Nine (9) category winners in the DigitalFilipino - Search Profile Index Social Networking Awards were recognized last September 13, 2011. Full list of winners can be found at

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Winners: DigitalFilipino - Search Profile Index Social Networking Awards 2011

  1. 1. Social  Networking  Awards   2011  Club     and     Search  Profile  Index  
  2. 2. History  •  The  awards  started  in  2009  •  Aims  to  recognize  the  best  pracHces  in  Social   Networking  and  Social  Media  markeHng.  •  An  acHvity  organized  under  the  DigitalFilipino   Club  (hLp://e-­‐    
  3. 3. 2009  Winners  •  Jollibee  Sulit  Sarap  Challenge  •  myPonds  7-­‐Days  Beauty  Blog  •  Clean  &  Clear  My  BeauHful  Ride  Video  Contest  •  $3  for  Cagayan  De  Oro  City,  PH  Flash  Flood  •  Fully  Booked  Bloggers  Event  •  Busby  SEO  Test  
  4. 4. $3 for Cagayan de Oro City, PH Flash Flood
  5. 5. 2010  Winners  •  Shop  and  Share     •  ValenHne  Love-­‐oratory  •  Lola  Techie   postcard  making  •  Slurpee  /  7-­‐Eleven  +   contest   Grand  Chase   •  #BangonPinoy   Advergaming  campaign   •  Catch  a  Real  Leaf:  A  •  Marlboro  Black  Lounge   Paparazzi  blog  contest   Game   •  Buddy  Gancenia  •  MTV  Emerge  •  Havaianas  Pledge   Original  Campaign  
  6. 6. In  2009,  Havaianas  created  a  movement  calling  people  to  only  "wear  original"   Havaianas  flip-­‐flops  and  curb  the  proliferaHon  of  local  imitaHons  and  products  that   bastardized  the  brand.     Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Media  Sharing  category)  
  7. 7. Brand  Background    Real  Leaf  green  tea  is  the  newest   ready-­‐to-­‐drink  (RTD)  tea  in  the  market   launched  mid-­‐2009.    Real  Leaf  is  brewed  from  100%  whole   green  tea  leaves,  naturally  packed   with  Theanine,  with  a  delicious  hint  of   fruit  and  honey.     The  Challenge   •  Reinforce  strong  challenger  status  by  demonstraHng   that  key  influencers  have  already  switched  into  the   brand   Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Blog  category)  
  8. 8. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010    (Media  Sharing  category)  
  9. 9. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Social  Network  category)  
  10. 10. Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Social  Network  category)  
  11. 11. Slurpee  /  Grand  Chase   Purchase  a  22oz.  Slurpee     Grand  Chase-­‐themed  Flavor   Add  P2.00  and  get  1  of  9   Collectible  Item   Redemption  Cards   Find  the  Slurpee  /   7-­‐Eleven  NPC   within  Grand   Chase  and  enter   your  code   Get  these  awesome  In-­‐Game  items!  Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Virtual  Worlds  /  Gaming  category)  
  12. 12. The  MARLBORO  Black  Lounge   An  online  member-­‐get-­‐ member  promo;on  which   aimed  to  grow  the  number  of   Marlboro  Adult  Smoker   Database  members,  while  at   the  same  Hme  support  the   launch  of  the  brand’s  newest   variant  –  Marlboro  (Black)   Menthol.   *Promo  period:  Sept  1  –  Oct  5,  or  when   the  50  Black  Lounges  are  completed  –   whichever  comes  first.  Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Virtual  Worlds  /  Gaming  category)  
  13. 13. • Online  contest  open  to  all  members   • SuliHzens  were  asked  to   create  their  own  ValenHne’s   Day  postcard  for  their  loved   one  using  any  computer   sojware,  with  a  5.83  x  7.87     dimension  and  email  it  to  Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Forum  category)  
  14. 14. - landing page for the link-building campaign. - All the necessary information about the videographer, contact details, the products and services, the rates and sample videos are all in this page.Winner  of  DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  (Search  Engine  MarkeHng  category)  
  15. 15. 2011  Awards  Lessons  Learned  •  Widgets  and  add-­‐ons  sHll  untapped  in  various   social  media  campaigns.  •  Use  of  social  networks  as  a  plamorm  for  e-­‐ commerce  emerges  with  payment  systems  in   place.  •  Offline  and  online  integraHon  campaigns   executed  creaHvely  this  year.  
  16. 16. Social  Networking  Awards     2011  Winners   In  collaboraHon  with  
  17. 17. Social   Shopping   Cashsense     Category   Shop  &  Pay  Cash   Winner  
  18. 18. Photo,  Video,  Media   Sharing  Category   What  I  Want  for   Christmas  Photo   Contest  
  19. 19. Micro-­‐blog  Category   Twes;val  Manila  2011  
  20. 20. Blog  Category   My  Million  Hectare  Run  
  21. 21. Buy  it.  Sell  it.  Sulit!   Banner  Making  Contest   Search  Engine  Marke<ng  Category  
  22. 22. Forums  Category   TV5  Bagets  Na;on  
  23. 23. 7-­‐Elec;ons  Gulp  Your  Vote  Loca<on-­‐Based  Category  
  24. 24. Social   Games   Category   Winner   Alter   Space   Game  
  25. 25. Social  News,   Bookmarking,   and  Media   Vo<ng   Category   Clear  Swap   Challenge  
  26. 26. Full  details  about  the  winners   posted  at    hLp://     Hope  you  can  join  the     Social  Networking  Awards  2012