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Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 Winners


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AS announced last September 29 at the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit, the following are the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 as recognized by 2012 writing project participants. Full list at

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Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 Winners

  1. Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2012 Janette Toral
  2. Background•  Started in May 2007•  Mechanics –  Anyone in the world can join. One entry per blogger. –  Any blog can be mentioned as long it follows the cut-off date.
  3. Emerging Influential Blogs 2007•  An Apple a Day •  Kubiertos•  The Philosophical •  FruityOaty Bastard •  PinoyBlogero•  The D Spot •  The Dork Factor•  CokskiBlue •  The Anitokid•  Make Money Online Chronikos with a 13-Year Old •  Gibbs Cadiz•  Culture Shiok! •  Confessions of a•  Utakgago Hopeless Romantic
  5. Emerging Influential Blogs 2007•  Personal•  Passion•  Life•  Novelty
  6. Emerging Influential Blogs 2008•  Manila Foodistas •  You Got Tech•  Filipino Voices •  The Not so Talented•  Visit Sagada DJ Montano•  Missing Carlo •  Davao Delicious•  Mar Roxas for •  Music Picks President in 2010 •  Bariles Republic blog •  Fritzified •  Bloggers Da Who
  7. http://
  8. Emerging Influential Blogs for 2008•  Focused on what matters to You than Me.•  Tells stories that I may not know.•  Blogging is serious business! –  Demanding (coverage and depth) –  Model (business or otherwise) –  Multimedia
  9. Emerging Influential Blogs 2009•  Writing to Exhale •  Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0•  Patay Gutom •  Tales from the Mom•  The Struggling Side Blogger •  Adaphobic•  Zorlone •  Lakwatsero•  Father Blogger dot •  Lets Go Sago! Com
  11. Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009•  Masa – real people –  No longer to be looked at as an elitist activity –  Various economic class•  Ageless –  From teenager to lolo•  Community spirit –  Active players
  12. Emerging Influential Blogs 2010•  When in Manila •  The Creative Dork•  Nomnom Club •  The Thirsty Blogger•  Facebuko •  Foodie Manila•  Ganda Ever So Much •  Jay.eLx•  Kusina Maria •  Paolodome Edge HD•  Project 52 Weeks •  Get Prettified!•  Fat Girl No More•  Music Vlog
  14. Observations on 2010 blogs•  Passion•  Identity – brand building•  Individuals rather than groups•  Community builders•  Profession
  15. Emerging Influential Blogs 2011•  Certified Foodies •  Levyousa•  My Green Living •  My Painted Lips Ideas •  The Tottering Mama•  The Bloggers Journal ••  Mom Writes •  Blogger Manila•  Mommy Survival •  Eats Terrific Guide•  Notepad Corner•  The Pepperrific Life
  17. Observation on 2011 blogs•  Girl power! –  The mommy and girls blogging community got their act together. Gave full support to each other.•  Communities matter! –  Bloggers who invested time to build relationship, contributed to causes, and supported fellow bloggers – thrive.
  18. Changes in 2012 Writing Project Mechanics•  Blog to be mentioned •  Writing project qualification: created participants blog used anytime from June to submit an entry 2011 to the present must be: –  Must have no less –  At least 3 months old than 20 blog post as of –  No less than 10 blog nomination time. post as of nomination time.
  19. Challenges in 2012 Writing Project•  Removed “trending” to influence outcome.•  Quality entries rather than quantity.•  Formal event to recognize winners.
  20. Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012
  33. Blogging Ahead Framework still holds true
  34. Thanks to sponsors•••
  35. Thank you!•  Hope you can join•  Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 Writing Project! –