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Search Engine Hacking, DeOptimization, & Information Gathering


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As much as the search engine can be used to gather data and serve as research guide in improving our site, the same principle can be applied in causing disruption. This was presented last August 25 at InfoSec Conference 2010 (

This presentation deck is inspired by Rob Ragan Lord of the Bing presentation (

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Search Engine Hacking, DeOptimization, & Information Gathering

  1. 1. Search  Engine  Hacking  &     Informa3on  Gathering   Jane%e  Toral   h%p://www.e-­‐  
  2. 2. Keywords   Can  be  used  as  guide  on  popular   topics  to  rank,  crackers  can  also  use  it   to  vicAmize.  
  3. 3. h%p://  
  4. 4. h%p://  
  5. 5. h%p://  
  6. 6. h%p://­‐of-­‐the-­‐bing-­‐black-­‐hat-­‐usa-­‐2010  
  7. 7. h%p://­‐of-­‐the-­‐bing-­‐black-­‐hat-­‐usa-­‐2010  
  8. 8. h%p://  
  9. 9. h%p://­‐of-­‐the-­‐bing-­‐black-­‐hat-­‐usa-­‐2010  
  10. 10. Protect  Yourself  
  11. 11. Integrated  with  Firefox.  
  12. 12. h%p://  
  13. 13. h%ps://  
  14. 14. h6p://  
  15. 15. Thank  you!   h%p://  
  16. 16. Photo  credits   •  h%p:// Knight-­‐and-­‐Day-­‐Photos/knight-­‐day-­‐photo2.htm   •  h%p://www.julia-­‐­‐roberts-­‐pics/ julia-­‐roberts-­‐10/   •  h%p:// Pi%_Brad.htm   •  h%p://­‐ nicole/   •  h%p:// %E2%80%9Cthe-­‐client-­‐list%E2%80%9D-­‐huge-­‐hit-­‐ for-­‐lifeAme/