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#phnet20 Throwback and Moving Forward #iblog10


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Janette Toral shared this presentation at JCI Manila last March 25, #phnet20 Internet at 20 years in the Philippines event of last March 29, and at the 10th iBlog: The Philippine Blogging Summit #iblog10 last April 5. Blogged about it at

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#phnet20 Throwback and Moving Forward #iblog10

  1. 1. #PHNET20   Throwback  and  Moving  Forward   Jane;e  Toral   h;p://   #DIGITALFILIPINO  
  2. 2. #1  BLOGGING  WILL  EVOLVE   •  Have  a  voice   •  Build  influence   •  Expand  network   •  Earn  online   •  Fairness  wins   •  Gain  recogniRon   •  Mainstream   •  Change  agent   •  Social  media  mastery   •  Relevance  and  at  DigitalFilipino  Web  Awards  2014.  
  3. 3. Blogging  has  matured   •  More  blogs  in  the  top  500  websites  today.   •  Bloggers  wield  more  influence  than  before  –   able  to  niche  on  specific  audience  segment   serving  content  needs.  
  4. 4. LinkedIn  will  be  the  most  important   brand  building  pla[orm  for  professionals.   BLOGGING  WILL  BE   MORE  COMPETITIVE.  
  5. 5. #2  We  are  Internet  Historians   •  Factual   •  SubjecRve   •  VindicRve  (somewhere   inside)  
  6. 6. Bloggers  need  to  document  Philippine   Internet  developments   •  To  properly  archive  Internet  developments  in   the  country.   •  Must  be  deliberate  and  purposeful.  
  7. 7. #3  Startups  will  propel  e-­‐commerce   adopRon   Bloggers  should  invest  in  start-­‐up.   Bloggers  should  document  start-­‐ up  developments.  
  8. 8. #4  Emphasis  on  Mobile  Commerce   •  Take  advantage  of   mobile  growth.   •  Quick  lifecycle  
  9. 9. #5  Customer  RelaRonship  is  Key  
  10. 10. Customer  RelaRonship   •  Businesses  need  to  be  more  focused  in   building  and  strengthening  online   relaRonship.   •  Invest  in  lead  generaRon  and  customer   relaRonship  management  processes  and   systems.  
  11. 11. #6  Work  from  Home  Grows   Shared  by  Ron  Cirujano  of  at  E-­‐Commerce  Entrepreneurs  Summit  2014  
  12. 12. #7  Government  RegulaRon   •  Taxes  –  online  and  simplified   •  Be;er  Internet   •  CompeRRve  electricity  rates   •  TransportaRon  infrastructure.   •  ElecRng  be;er  leaders.   •  Freedom  of  InformaRon   •  Data  Privacy  of  Individuals  
  13. 13. h;p://   #ecombootcamp   #8  E-­‐Learning  and  Membership  
  14. 14. E-­‐Learning  and  Membership   •  More  schools  and  private  enRRes  will   embrace  e-­‐learning  to  address  various   infrastructure  and  environmental  challenges.   •  Membership  models  will  be  embraced  by  e-­‐ commerce  sites  to  foster  long  term   relaRonships.  
  15. 15. #9  CommuniRes  will  thrive   h2p://   Be  consistent.  
  16. 16. CommuniRes   •  CommuniRes  that  will  thrive  are  those  who   have  significant  impact  to  their  locaRon,   industry,  or  target  market  segment.  
  17. 17. #10  The  most  “shareable”  wins   •  Books   •  Cars   •  Clothes   •  Condos  and  co;ages   •  DVDs   •  Jewelry   •  Computers,  phones,   and  electronics   •  Furniture   •  Cleaning  services   •  Money   •  Toys   •  WriRng  services   “Source;  ”Sharing  is  the  New  Buying”  by  Vision  CriRcal  /  Crowd  Companies  
  18. 18. Will  people  share  you?   •  Build  relevant  content  that  people  will  share,   write,  and  talk  about.   •  MarkeRng  of  products  and  services  should  be   balanced  with  useful  content  that  has  long   term  value.  
  19. 19. #11  Diversity  wins  
  20. 20. It  is  about  the  Team  (not  you)   •  If  you  are  working  alone,  start  building  a  team.   Get  more  stuff  done.   •  If  you  are  part  of  a  team,  work  on  building   your  skills,  maturity,  strength,  endurance,   speed  to  contribute  significantly  to  your  team.   Be  an  asset  rather  than  a  liability.   •  As  long  as  you  have  one  goal  and  one  dream,   celebrate  and  embrace  your  differences.   Diversity  wins!  
  21. 21. Twi2er:   @digitalfilipino     Facebook:  digitalfilipino