Making Technology Work For You by Janette Toral


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Talk given at the 11th Regional Conference of Philippine Association of Secretaries Cebu Chapter (July 16, 2010) at Montebello Villa Hotel, Banilad, Cebu City. Topic outline focused on e-commerce, social networking, opportunities online, and trends to note of.

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Making Technology Work For You by Janette Toral

  1. 1. Making  Technology  Work  for  You   Jane5e  Toral   h5p://www.e-­‐   h5p://   h5p://  
  2. 2. Agenda   •  IntroducDon  to  E-­‐Commerce   •  Building  benefits  through  social  network   •  OpportuniDes  in  the  world  wide  web   •  Trends  that  will  impact  your  future  
  3. 3. What  is  E-­‐Commerce?   •  E-­‐Commerce  is  the  exchange  of  informaDon  or  transacDons   using  any  form  of  electronic  communicaDon.   •  Covers  both  commercial  and  non-­‐commercial  transacDons   (Republic  Act  8792,  The  E-­‐Commerce  Law)   •  The  Internet  is  the  informaDon  highway  or  public  network   where  e-­‐commerce  and  various  forms  of  communicaDon  take   place.     •  E-­‐commerce  that  takes  place  over  the  Internet  is  oUen   referred  to  as  Internet  Commerce.     •  Mobile  Commerce  -­‐  transacDon  takes  place  in  mobile  devices   such  as  cellular  phone  and  personal  digital  assistant  (PDA).  
  4. 4. Ways  to  accept  payment   •  Cash  –  person  to  person   •  Bank  deposit   •  Remi5ance  service   •  Credit  card   •  SMS  
  5. 5. Social  Media  101   •  Content  created  by  regular  Internet  users  for   each  other  using  publicly  accessible   technologies.  
  6. 6. Social  networking  101   •  TradiDonal  or  in-­‐person  acDviDes  done  online.  
  7. 7. Types  of  Social  Media  sites   •  Blogs   •  Media  sharing   •  Microblogs   –  YouTube   –  Twi5er   –  Flickr   •  Social  networks   •  Social  bookmarking  /   –  Facebook   voDng   –  MySpace   –  Digg   –  Friendster   –  Delicious   –  LinkedIn   –  StumbleUpon   –  Plaxo   •  Review   –  Ning   •  Forums   •  Virtual  worlds  
  8. 8. Social  influencers   •  People  who  have  influence  on  their  peers   heavily  influenced  by  the  quality  and  volume   of  content  they  share  online  to  their  peers.   –  Referent  influencers     –  Expert  influencers     –  PosiDonal  influencers  (peers)   Source:  Social  Media  MarkeDng  for  Dummies   (Shiv  Singh)  
  9. 9. h5p://  
  10. 10. Twi5er  stream  
  11. 11. Internet  Search  emerges  as  the  top   online  acDvity.   Ac#vi#es  showing  significant  increase  at  95%  confidence  levels   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  Na#onal  Urban  Philippines     Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010  
  12. 12. What  people  Search  for   on  the  Net   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  Na#onal  Urban  Philippines  who  have  used  a  search  engine  in  the  past  month   Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010  
  13. 13. Social  media  is  changing  the  rules  of   engagement   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  Na7onal  Urban  Philippines   Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010   Do  you  know  what  people  say  about  you?  
  14. 14. Building  Tribes   •  Tell  a  story   •  Lead  a  movement   –  Who  are  you  upsebng?   –  Who  are  you  leading?   –  Challenge  the  status  quo   –  Establish  a  culture.   •  Connect  a  tribe   •  Everyone  is  important.   –  Who  are  you   –  Being  a  leader  gives  you   connecDng?   charisma.   •  Make  change   –  Commit  
  15. 15. The  Needs   •  Rank  Higher  In  Google,  Yahoo,  Bing   •  Find  interested  buyers  by  hibng  the  right  market   •  Increase  conversion  rate   •  Increase  brand  awareness   •  Personalized  online  strategy     •  Viral  MarkeDng  /  CreaDng  a  buzz     •  Control  what  people  see  online  about  you   •  Engage  your  target  market   Managing  your  internet  image   -­‐  Will  people  search  for  you?   -­‐  Will  people  write  and  talk  about  you?   -­‐  Will  people  share  informaDon  about  you?   -­‐  Will  people  contact  you?   Source:  by  
  16. 16. Thank  you!   h5p://www.e-­‐   h5p://