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Lessons Learned in Designing and Implementing a Blog Post Campaign by Janette Toral


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Janette Toral shared her experience and insight on carrying out blog post marketing campaigns at Carlo Ople's Internet and Social Media Marketing for Filipino Marketers and Entrepreneurs ( last July 9, 2010 at Oakwood Ortigas Center, Pasig City. As most participants are SMEs, topic was presented in the most newbie format as possible. Other examples were shown online during class and not included in the slide show.

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Lessons Learned in Designing and Implementing a Blog Post Campaign by Janette Toral

  1. 1. Lessons  learned  in  designing  and   implemen/ng  a  blog  post  campaign   Jane4e  Toral   h4p://   h4p://www.e-­‐   h4p://   h4p://  
  2. 2. Social  influencers   •  People  who  have  influence  on  their  peers   heavily  influenced  by  the  quality  and  volume   of  content  they  share  online  to  their  peers.   –  Referent  influencers     –  Expert  influencers     –  Posi/onal  influencers  (peers)   Source:  Social  Media  Marke/ng  for  Dummies   (Shiv  Singh)  
  3. 3. Brand  Background    Real  Leaf  green  tea  is  the  newest   ready-­‐to-­‐drink  (RTD)  tea  in  the  market   launched  mid-­‐2009.    Real  Leaf  is  brewed  from  100%  whole   green  tea  leaves,  naturally  packed   with  Theanine,  with  a  delicious  hint  of   fruit  and  honey.     Real  Leaf  Green  Tea  won  the  blog  category  in   DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  
  4. 4. 1st  place:  Mommy  Talks  by  Precious  Bahin/ng   h"p://­‐leaf-­‐paparazzi.html  
  5. 5. BACKGROUND Apl de Ap + MTV Asia + PH DOT were in search for the next unsigned PINOY ARTIST MTV  Emerge  won  the  media  vo/ng  category  in   DigitalFilipino  Social  Networking  Awards  2010  
  6. 6. What  is  a  blog  post  campaign?   •  Get  bloggers  to  write  about  you   –  Press  release   •  Pros:  fast  dissemina/on   •  Cons:  copy-­‐paste;  no  pick-­‐up   –  Meet  blogger  (group  or  one-­‐on-­‐one)   •  Pros:  ge^ng  to  know  personally   •  Cons:  pick-­‐up  (messaging  /  value  challenge),  cost   –  Paid  post   •  Pros:  flexible  on  budget;  message-­‐focused,  support  SEO   efforts   •  Cons:  search  engine  pick-­‐up,  reader  pick-­‐up  
  7. 7. Designing  a  blog  post  campaign   •  Objec/ve   •  Keywords   •  Type  of  write-­‐up   –  Word  or  Phrase   desired   –  url  or  link   –  Buzz   •  Photos   –  Website  review   –  News  release   •  Video   •  Messaging  tone   •  Amplify   –  Posi/ve   –  Twi4er   –  Nega/ve   –  Facebook   –  Neutral   –  Foursquare  
  8. 8. Effec/veness  Web  2.0   •  Search   •  Talk  or  Write   •  Share  
  9. 9. h4p://  
  10. 10. Measuring  effec/veness   •  Sales  conversion   –  Click  tracking   –  Coupons     •  Visits   •  Search  engine  ranking   •  Recommenda/ons   –  Like   –  Retweet   –  Bookmarks     •  Conversa/on  generated   –  Comments  
  11. 11. Lessons  learned   •  Not  a  one  /me  effort   –  Web  presence  and  compe//on  tracking  (monthly   if  possible)   –  On  our  end,  this  gave  birth  to   h4p://     •  Be  real  –  not  canned   •  Experiment  (TEFCAS  by  Tony  Buzan  –  refer  to   slide  19)  
  12. 12. Thank  you!   h4p://   h4p://www.e-­‐   h4p://   h4p://