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DTI	  Sales	  Promo.on	  Guidelines:	  	   a	  proposed	  posi.on	  on	  issues	                Jane7e	  Toral	           ...
Posi.on	  #1	  •  Need	  for	  integrated	  guideline	  or	  one	  Department	  Order	      –  Too	  ma...
Posi.on	  #2	  •  Recognize	  that	  individuals	  can	  run	  contest	      –  Use	  the	  term	  “individual”	  rather	 ...
Posi.on	  #3	  •  Data	  privacy	      –  Ensure	  that	  data	  of	  consumers	  joining	  promo.ons	  are	         prote...
Posi.on	  #4	  •  DTI	  Sales	  Promo.on	  Permit	  Process	  needs	  to	     be	  compliant	  with	  Republic	  Act	  879...
Posi.on	  #5	  •  Explore	  self-­‐regula.on	     –  Sales	  Promo.on	  Permit	  and	  Dispute	  Resolu.on	  to	        be...
References	  •  h7p://   forming-­‐group-­‐d.-­‐online-­‐sales.html	  •  h7p://www...
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DTI Sales Promotion Guidelines: a proposed position on issues


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Presented during the DigitalFilipino Club webinar on DTI promotion guidelines last August 17, 2011 at

Published in: Business, Technology
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DTI Sales Promotion Guidelines: a proposed position on issues

  1. 1. DTI  Sales  Promo.on  Guidelines:     a  proposed  posi.on  on  issues   Jane7e  Toral   August  17,  2011  
  2. 2. Posi.on  #1  •  Need  for  integrated  guideline  or  one  Department  Order   –  Too  many  DAOs   •  As  it  now  covers  no  purchase  required  promo.ons,  it  is  apt   for  name  to  reflect  such  change.  From  DTI  Sales  Promo.on   Permit  Guidelines  to:   –  DTI  Sales  and  Promo.ons  Permit  Guidelines   –  DTI  Promo.ons  Permit  Guidelines   –  Covers  both  offline  and  online     •  as  it  is  now  happening,  offline  promos  gets  plugged  online   and  vice-­‐versa.   •  Add  new  sec.ons  to  describe  online  nature  for  contest,   raffle,  games,  premium,  redemp.on,  discount.  
  3. 3. Posi.on  #2  •  Recognize  that  individuals  can  run  contest   –  Use  the  term  “individual”  rather  than  “bloggers”  to  be  all   encompassing.   •  Avoid  impression  of  or  giving  treatment   that  may  alienate  other  professions  –  whether  profit  or   not.   •  Exemp.on  apply  to  individuals  should  also  apply  to  business  to   avoid  “discrimina.on”  accusa.on.   –  Set  minimum  promo  prize  rule  on  a  per  promo.on  rather   than  annual   •  Promos  where  prizes  is  below  P5000,  no  need  for  permit  (whether   individual  or  business)   –  However,  must  comply  to  DTI  standards  on  promo.on  process.   •  As  there  is  no  way  for  DTI  being  able  to  monitor  promo  spend   annually.   –  Harder  for  dispute  resolu.on  management  if  main  point  of  challenge  is   focused  on  spending.  
  4. 4. Posi.on  #3  •  Data  privacy   –  Ensure  that  data  of  consumers  joining  promo.ons  are   protected.   •  MOA  between  should  have  clear  provision  on  data   ownership.   •  Terms  and  condi.ons  of  promo.on  should  clearly  state  how   promo.on  joiners  data  is  used.   –  Iden.fy  who  have  access  to  contest  joiners   data  whose  affilia.on  is  clearly  stated.   •  Unauthorized  use  of  promo.on  joiners  data  can  make  the   person  and  companies  involved  liable  under  DAO  #8  and  E-­‐ Commerce  Law.  
  5. 5. Posi.on  #4  •  DTI  Sales  Promo.on  Permit  Process  needs  to   be  compliant  with  Republic  Act  8792  or  the  E-­‐ Commerce  Law   –  Accept  online  applica.on.   –  Issue  approval.   –  Accept  online  payment.   –  Process  covered  by  a  guideline.  
  6. 6. Posi.on  #5  •  Explore  self-­‐regula.on   –  Sales  Promo.on  Permit  and  Dispute  Resolu.on  to   be  handled  by  recognized  3rd  party   associa.on  in  the  future.  (e.g.  4As,  IMMAP,  PRA,   PANA,  CUG)  
  7. 7. References  •  h7p:// forming-­‐group-­‐d.-­‐online-­‐sales.html  •  h7p:// 2011/07/individuals-­‐bloggers-­‐businesses-­‐ need.html  •  h7p:// 2011/07/3-­‐data-­‐privacy-­‐complaints-­‐sent-­‐ through.html