Creating a Policy Advocacy Movement


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Facilitated this workshop for Political Science 152 students of UP Manila last March 3, 2012 for their "Laws in Persuasion: An Alternative Classroom Learning Experience on Lobbying Law and strategies in the Philippines".

  • Well done . Keep it Simple and non threatening. Keep it active on the Legislatures mind . You will get it
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  • Thanks for sharing this. I was hoping you'd talk more about how to use social media to build partnerships and coalitions, although that probably should be a presentation of its own.
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  • Janette, I applaud your passion and well organized effort for the benefit of all to protect privacy. On the positive side you have identified a niche market enterprise opportunity and need that would be a service to everyone everywhere. This would be a great company to create if done with ABSOLUTE integrity and would rival Facebook in scope.

    On the negative side, to ask any legislature anywhere to do it for you/us would undermine the very privacy you seek to protect.

    What are the ways and what software exists that can effectively track all who spy and pilfer information? What are the ways those who do can be flamed out and exposed to the rest of the global group?
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  • I had no idea that the Internet was in this shape in the Philippines. I do know that your plan of attack for real change is sound and with enough pressure should become an election issue that will lead to some real e-reforms.
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Creating a Policy Advocacy Movement

  1. 1. E-­‐Commerce  Law  Lobbying  Lessons   Learned  Star6ng  a  policy  advocacy  movement!   (e.g.  Data  Privacy  Philippines)   JaneBe  Toral   hBp://  
  2. 2. Some  notes  to  remember:  •  Bill  must  pass  Senate  and  House.  •  Bicameral  conference.  •  Ra6fied  by  both  Houses.  •  Signed  by  President.  •  Only  3  years  per  term.   –  Otherwise,  back  to  square  1.  
  3. 3. Lobbying  for  legisla6ons  requires   a  movement  to  be  created.  
  4. 4. “Fight  injus6ce”  E.g.  “We  can’t  do  e-­‐commerce!”  (1997)  Pitch:  “We  want  SMEs,  individuals  to  accept  payments  online  and  do  business.”  
  5. 5. Injus6ce:    “Our  data  is  not  protected  and  abused”.   Pitch:   “We  want  en66es  to  respect  our  data.   Make  violators  accountable!”  
  6. 6. (1)  Find  passionate  people   (stakeholders,  beneficiaries)   (2)  Spark  conversa:on  (discussion   groups,  face-­‐to-­‐face  forums)  (3)  Lower  entry  barriers  (4)  Powerful  iden66es  (emblems)  
  7. 7. Checklist  •  Look  for  vic6ms  of  data  privacy  viola6on.  •  Provide  venue  to  share  experiences  and   discuss  how  data  can  be  protected.  •  Create  an  organiza6on  who  can  file  data   privacy  complaints  (DTI  DAO  #8),  call  aBen6on   of  companies  who  don’t  have  secure  data   privacy  guidelines.  •  Develop  an  advocacy  campaign  –  “Respect  my   data”.  
  8. 8. “Don’t  ask  what  the  DOST  Secretary  can  do  for  you.  Talk  to  your  legislators.  Otherwise,   you  get  what  you  deserve.  You  get  what   you  worked  for.”   -­‐   Dr.  William  Padolina   (former  Department  of  Science  and   Technology  Secretary)  
  9. 9. (5)  Create  rockstar  advocates  (include  them  in  the  group)  
  10. 10. Iden6fy  Rockstars  •  Government  agencies  and  departments  whose   mandate,  part  of  it,  is  protect  the  consumer   (that  includes  their  informa6on).  •  CommiBees  in  Legisla6ve  bodies  who  protects   the  consumer.  (almost  all  are  into  this)  •  Consumer  protec6on  advocates.  
  11. 11. (6)  Shared  ownership  -­‐   Not  limited  in  Metro  Manila  -­‐   For  PICS,  we  did  not  put  chapters,  we  work  with  provincial  organiza6ons  
  12. 12. Partnerships  •  Look  for  organiza6ons  who  share  similar   beliefs  and  work  together  to  create  data   privacy  awareness  and  be  vigilant  in   monitoring  abuses.  
  13. 13. (7)  Live  offline.  Live  online.  “One  Internet  Day”  first  happened  in  year  2000  at  Senate  and  House  of  Representa6ves,  Cebu,  Davao.  
  14. 14. Organize  Forums  •  Events,  talks,  webinars  where  knowledge  can   be  imparted  on:   –  Teach  companies  on  how  to  create  systems  and   business  process  with  privacy  protec6on  included   in  design.   –  How  can  consumers  protect  their  data  and  file   complaints  if  abused.  
  15. 15. (8)  Empower  people  with  knowledge  (9)  Inspira6onal  leadership  ALL  or  Nothing  
  16. 16. Spread  the  word  •  Website  •  Social  media  •  Reports  •  Books  
  17. 17. (10)  GET  RESULTS.    E-­‐Commerce  Law  was  realized  last  June  14,  2000.  Its  Implemen6ng  Rules  and  Regula6ons  was  electronically  signed  last  July  13,  2000  at  Government  Informa6on  Infrastructure  Conference.  Former  President  Joseph  Estrada  issued  electronic  memo  to  all  government  agencies.  
  18. 18. Lobby  •  Push  for  a  data  privacy  legisla6on  backed  with   research  and  online  /  offline  signature   campaign  support  for  it.  
  19. 19. hBp://  
  20. 20. Crea6ng  a  Lobbying  Ac6on  Plan   Build  support  base,  conduct  research   and  consulta6on,  legisla6ve   rela6onship  and  support.  
  21. 21. Source:  Business  Model  Genera6on  book  –  hBp://  
  22. 22. Source:  Business  Model  Genera6on  book  –  hBp://  
  23. 23. Data  Privacy  Philippines   Business  Model  Canvas   Dept  of  Trade   Ar6cles,  whitepaper,   Lobby  for  the   Internet  users   and  Industry   videos  to  educate.   passage  of  Data   Privacy  Bill   Personal   who  submit   Complaint  handling   rela6onship.   personal  data.   Bureau  of   Document  and   Products  &   Legisla6ve  lobbying   report  data  privacy   Companies  who   viola6on  for   Standards   Talks,  forums,   complainants.   get  personal  data   training   through  promos   Consumer   Call  the  aBen6on  of   or  sales.   associa6ons   companies  who   have  ques6onable   1.  Website   Website   data  privacy   -­‐ Complaint   CommiBee  on   Retailers,   Lawyers   prac6ces.   submission   Trade,   Lobbyists   marke6ng,   Book  produc6on   -­‐   Best  prac6ces   Informa6on   Educate  on  data   sales   Report  produc6on   privacy  best   -­‐   Webinars   Technology,   associa6ons   prac6ces.   2.  Forum  talks   Cons6tu6on.   Website  (development  and   Site  membership  –  P500  per   update)   member.     Team  support   Book  /  report  produc6on   Grants,  ex-­‐deal,  sponsorship  
  24. 24. Lobbying  for  a  legisla6on  requires  commitment,  passion,  persistence.   All  or  nothing.  
  25. 25. Workshop  proper   Discrimina6on   Agrarian  reform  W-­‐Fi  for  State  Colleges   Na6onwide  smoking  ban   Mining  regula6on  
  26. 26. Let’s  connect:  hBp://  
  27. 27. hBp://