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53 Ways to Engage via Social Media


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Janette Toral shares 53 ways how social media can be used to engage friends and followers. Platforms mentioned includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Blogs, Google+, Quora, and Instagram.

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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53 Ways to Engage via Social Media

  1. 1. 53  Ways  to  Engage  via  Social   Media   Jane6e  Toral  h6p://www.e-­‐  
  2. 2. Why  Engage?  •  Greet  contacts  on  their  special  days.  Personalize  /  add   depth  to  the  relaEonship.  •  Subtle  promoEon   –  Share  what  you  are  doing  that  gives  a  glimpse  of  your   profession.   •  E.g.  “Giving  a  social  media  talk.”  •  Security   –  E.g.  Let  selected  people  know  what  you  are  up  to  especially   when  traveling  to  foreign  places.  •  Build  your  influence   –  The  more  people  engage  with  your  content,  your  influence   also  increases.  Useful  in  business  or  current  /  future   profession.  
  3. 3. 6  Ways  to  Engage  via  LinkedIn   •  Keep  your  profile   updated.   •  Give  recommendaEons.   •  ParEcipate  in  Group   discussions.  (or  create   one)   •  Give  tesEmonials.   •  Add  applicaEons   (events,  Slideshare,   Bloglink,  Tweets,  etc.)   •  Reply  to  interesEng   status  updates.  
  4. 4. 7  Ways  to  Engage  via  Facebook  Profile   •  Post  and  Reply  to  status,   photos,  videos,  links   updates   •  Like  an  arEcle  or  share   links  (useful  or  odd)   •  ParEcipate  in  Groups   •  ParEcipate  in  Pages   •  Join  Events   •  Chat  with  peers  and  greet   on  special  occasion.   •  Create  a  Facebook  Page   for  your  Brand.  
  5. 5. 4  Ways  to  Engage  via  Foursquare   •  Check  in  /  Share  what  you   are  doing  with  photo.  (let   others  know  what  you  like   or  doing  in  that  place.)   •  Share  a  Ep  (be6er  if  with   link  to  your  blog  post)   •  Follow  /  Create  a  List  (add   your  favorite  spots  and  Eps   to  other  visitors.)   •  Follow  /  Create  a   Foursquare  Page  for  Brands   or  PersonaliEes.  
  6. 6. 7  Ways  to  Engage  via  Twi6er   •  Reply  to  or  post  an  opinion   and  interact.   •  Tweet  snippets  from  event   talks  and  books.   •  Answer  /  ask  quesEons.   •  Join  /  organize  meet-­‐ups   •  Retweet  other  interesEng   tweets.  (I  use  Klout  and  to  scan  tweets.)   •  Follow  or  create  list  to  filter   connecEons  and  content.   •  Recognize  followers  who   reply  to  your  tweets  or   retweets.  
  7. 7. 3  Ways  to  Engage  via  Flickr   •  Share  photo  sets  from   events,  places,  occasions.   Describe  photo  and  tag   people.   •  Join  Groups.  Comment  on   photos  and  share  via  blog.   •  Use  apps  to  share  and  get   photos  (E.g.  Share  photos   via  Tumblr  or  blogs.  Photos   from  Foursquare  check-­‐in)  
  8. 8. 3  Ways  to  Engage  via  YouTube   •  Upload  interesEng   videos  (tutorials,  talks,   performance,  1-­‐minute,   funny  stuff)   •  Subscribe,  like,  and   comment  on  other   videos.   •  Share  interesEng  videos   through  your  social   network.  
  9. 9. 6  Ways  to  Engage  via  Blogs   •  Comment  on  blogs  (create  profiles   in  Wordpress,  Blogger,  Tumblr  and   use  your  id.)   •  Share  interesEng  content.  (I  use   Tumblr  for  photos,  Wordpress  for   hobbies,  and  Blogger  for  work   related  stuff)   •  React  on  other  blog  post  by  blogging   about  it.   •  Join  wriEng  projects,  blogger   contest  and  promoEons.   •  A6end  blogger  events  and  meet-­‐ ups.   •  Connect  with  fellow  bloggers  via   social  media  (Facebook  Group,   Twi6er,  etc.)  
  10. 10. 3  Ways  to  Engage  via  Instagram   •  Like  and  comment  on   other  photos.   •  Use  Instagram  ediEng   tools  to  make  your   photo  standout  and   share.   •  Share  your  photos  (also     to  Twi6er)  with  catchy   descripEon.  Use   hashtags  for  themaEc   groupings  with  others.    
  11. 11. 6  Ways  to  Engage  via  Facebook  Page   •  Status  updates  (sharing  or   asking)   •  Photos  /  videos  (group  or   interesEng  stuff)   •  Links  (useful  or  odd)   •  Minimal  replicaEon  of   your  profile  page.   •  Organize  offline  and   online  acEviEes.   •  Recognize  your  acEve   followers.  
  12. 12. 4  Ways  to  Engage  via  Google+   •  Use  Circles  to  group  your   contacts.  Share  your   circles  with  others.   •  Reply  to  and  post   interesEng  content   (status,  photos,  links).   Share  if  others  can   benefit  from  it.   •  Join  acEve  Hangouts  and   interact.   •  Create  Google+  Page  for   your  brand.  
  13. 13. 4  Ways  to  Engage  via  Quora   •  Follow  influencers  and   topic  of  interest.   •  Reply  and  thank  useful   content  or  comments   posted.   •  Post  quesEons  and  be   ready  to  interact.   •  Create  topic  that   revolves  around  your   brand.  
  14. 14. Manage  your  Social  Media  AcEvity  •  Have  a  plan  on  what  you  intend  to   disseminate.   –  What  do  you  intend  to  achieve?  •  Allot  Eme  for  interacEon.  •  Have  a  balance  of  sharing  own  content  and   done  by  others.  •  Monitor  your  performance.  
  15. 15. Let’s  connect  h6p://