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Community Arts Project Showcase


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Published in: Education
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Community Arts Project Showcase

  1. 1. St Luke the Evangelist Primary School Blackburn South
  2. 2. Creative SnapshotsOpportunity for students andfamilies to have a highquality arts experience thatis centred on self expressionand identity throughphotography.
  3. 3. Why Photography?
  4. 4.  Aligns with other projects in the school Contemporary Learning Project “Taking Action that Matters.” “ Catholic Identity” Sustainability Project –CERES Embeds as a tool across curriculum Enhances the use of photograph emerging in the school Enables all school community members to be involved and achieve success
  5. 5.  “Our artist-in-residence explained to the parents … that photography was an amazing art form as it‟s quite levelling – anyone can create a great photo – regardless of artistic drawing skills or the quality of the camera, the thinking behind the photo is what is important – taking a „considered‟ image.” Celia Coffa
  6. 6. The Nature of our Project
  7. 7. SCHOOL COMMUNITYTo build partnership with parents, parish andwider communityKey Improvement Strategies Linking parents to the community through ICT Connect with local and global communities Take action through our inquiries to link to community events, activities and experts
  8. 8.  That Religious Education and Values Education underpin policies and programs Jade in Prep
  9. 9.  Remind the students about the values the St Luke‟s Community Plan for opportunities to embed the values in programming To build inclusive and diverse partnerships with the broader school community
  10. 10.  Through workshops parents, students and teachers had the opportunity to develop skills in photography.
  11. 11.  The community to articulate our sense of identity: Who we are and what we believe at St Luke‟s.
  12. 12.  A process that strengthens relationships of school community and support partnership and communication beyond the school
  13. 13. What wehope to create
  14. 14.  Through this project we endeavour to strengthen relationships within our community through our family activities and our Blogs.
  15. 15. Create an art piecethat thecommunity canidentify with andthat reflects whowe are.
  16. 16. Theprocess
  17. 17.  Resourced the school with a class set of cameras and updated cameras for staff Established a blog to reflect on and document our journey Sourced a professional photographer and teacher Strategically developed a timeline and implementation plan as a team
  18. 18.  Provided professional inspiration, technique and skills Facilitated workshops for senior and middle students Facilitated workshops for staff and parents Continuing to work with Vanessa
  19. 19.  Vanessa conducted a workshop with the staff Four workshops for the students from years three to six. Mentoring from the students attending for students in junior classes
  20. 20.  Staff create opportunities to use class cameras across the curriculum to create and to record learning, including on excursions Family activities to develop conversations around values and identity Parent workshops allowing students to lead the learning.
  21. 21.  Perspective Point of view Use of thirds Considered image Lighting Taking portraits, objects, scenes Developed a common language
  22. 22.  Whole school student/family activities Each family was asked to share the values that are important to them.
  23. 23. Builds relationshipsMentoring shares theLearningEnables the articulation ofLearning Fosters cooperation
  24. 24.  Embed in teaching and learning Provide the opportunity to develop skills and to incorporate new and different approaches to learning and teaching. Strategic planning Planning for sustainability Source expertise within the school community and beyond. Embrace opportunities as they arise
  25. 25.  Community Arts GrantSourcing otherresources School Focused Youth Service Victorian Teachers Credit Union Catholic Education Science Grant
  26. 26. Community through the Arts
  27. 27.  Had families across the school working together Enabled the senior students to work with their families and others as leaders Prepare the nominated adult from each family to undertake the family activity
  28. 28.  Family groups from across the school allowed parents from different levels to converse and work together Families were able to share stories through the photographic tasks High percentage of fathers attended the sessions Students shared their skills by leading groups High participation as sessions accommodated varying skill levels A member of half our families attended these sessions
  29. 29. Working as Sharing skillsa family Engaging and FunLearning Sharing theabout other LearningFamilies
  30. 30.  Involves all families Each family provides a photo that reflects who they are as a family and something that is meaningful to their family story. Makes a decision and takes a photo as a family. Share the stories with the community by displaying photos at a showcase at the school
  31. 31.  VTCU have financed this section of the journey. One canvas / photography work that speaks about our community identity. What will it look Like? Open to ideas and we have a few of our own.
  32. 32.  Students are increasingly behind the cameras taking snapshots and considered images. Teachers are sharing the recording of learning
  33. 33. Recording our Learning
  34. 34.  Our Blog Links
  35. 35. Visit blogsOr any of our blogs at:
  36. 36.  Student voice through visual media Student leadership through mentoring of other students and involvement in the parent workshops Students, parents and families sharing a project together that allows all to take responsibility and share in the learning.
  37. 37. Vanessa Macaulay Steve Parish
  38. 38.  As a direct result of students using cameras on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary, ten students were invited to a workshop with Steve Parish. Team hopes to work with the teachers who organised this to enable these students to share some of their experiences. Other staff looking for opportunities to allow students to use their skills including photography competitions.
  39. 39. Sustainability
  40. 40.  Continue to maintain the camera equipment Develop skills through mentoring Embed photography across the curriculum and encourage artistic expression highlighting photography as a visual artist tool Systematic culling, selection and storage of images Continue using common language
  41. 41.  Challenge… To access all families to complete the task To come… Our Photography Evening The creation of our art piece Planning for 2012 Thinking… Plan explicitly for family/ student engagement in learning