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Host home provider pp 5.13


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Host Home provider slide show

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Host home provider pp 5.13

  1. 1. Host Home Provider Information
  2. 2. A Host Home Family!
  3. 3. What is a Host Home Provider? A host home provider is a mentor, teacher, and companion to another person. A host home provider is responsible for the well-being of the individual, providing a safe and nurturing home that provides the most independence possible. A host home provider is an independent contractor with whom MVDS contracts to provide a client with disabilities room & board, as well as other residential services and supports required by either regulation or the client’s IP (individual plan). The client is fully integrated into the host home provider’s family life, both at home and in the community. Host home providers may not be biologically related to the client they are providing services to.
  4. 4. A Host Home gives individuals an alternative to group homes or institutional placements. The concept is outcome oriented and focuses on building relationships in the community, the family, and one’s personal life. This is a rewarding experience that enriches the lives of everyone in the home. Host Home: What is the benefit?
  5. 5. • Teaching independent living skills • Maintaining a clean and safe living environment • Meal preparation • Self-administration of medication, or you may be required to administer medications • Transporting individuals to activities and/or appointments • Maintain record keeping and all documentation as required by the agency and state regulations • Additional responsibilities specific to the individual’s needs Responsibilities
  6. 6. A Host Home Outing!
  7. 7. No: the host home provider is an independent contractor. An independent contractor is responsible for their own taxes, medical insurance, worker’s compensation, and general liability. The host home provider is not entitled to any benefits of employment from MVDS, and MVDS employees cannot simultaneously be host home providers. The host home provider is free from the direction and control of MVDS, except to the extent required by regulation and statute. MVDS provides regular in-home monitoring to make sure the home setting is safe, clean, and that all documentation is completed regularly. The expectations of the host home provider are set forth in the contract, and MVDS relies upon the expertise of the provider in performing the required services. Is a Host Home Provider an employee of Mountain Valley Developmental Services?
  8. 8. MVDS often recruits host home providers who already have an established supportive relationship with the client being considered for placement, such as previous employees, or people who have worked with this population. Such relationships increase the likelihood of a successful long-term placement. However, MVDS has several successful host home providers who have not been previous employees. When it is determined you are a good fit, reference and background checks are conducted for all potential providers. Criminal background checks are also required for everyone over the age of 18 who resides in the home. An in-home HUD inspection is also done. How is a Host Home Provider Chosen? *HUD: US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  9. 9. It is also critical that the potential client visits the provider’s home several times, including overnights, to make sure there is a good rapport and that this is the right placement. It is important that all parties (client, family/guardians/ IDT members and provider) are making an informed decision regarding placement. Please note that all visits must be documented. The right match is a mutual decision
  10. 10. Payment depends on the level of need and care the individual requires. Each rate is fixed by the State of Colorado, and is based upon the support needs of the client. MVDS retains a portion of the rate to cover support services, such as nursing, behavior and administrative supports. The starting rate a host home provider is paid, for one client needing very little assistance, is approx. $1850 per month. The greater the need, the higher the rate. Rate of Pay
  11. 11. Host Home Fun!
  12. 12. It is the responsibility of the host home provider to arrange for back-up residential services when needed. Respite caregivers must be qualified and have the appropriate training. Most host home providers use MVDS staff members, or staff members from other approved service agencies, other host home providers, or qualified independent contractors. MVDS can assist you in developing a list of qualified respite caregivers. Vacations, Emergencies, etc.
  13. 13. There are several classes required before you can become a host home provider. Classes are taught at MVDS, and conducted by our Training Manager. Please note you are not paid for this training. 1. Rights/MANE class: covers client’s legal and individual rights, and your responsibility as a provider. (4 hours) 2. Bloodborne Pathogens: video about safe handling practices. (20 minutes) 3. Therap: Our electronic documentation system. (2 hours) 4. Medication Administration class: if the client takes medication, you must take and pass a 2 day class (16 hours) Other training may be required. Training
  14. 14. Please complete and submit an application. You may drop it off at the MVDS agency, 700 Mount Sopris Dr., Glenwood Springs, or email it to Sarah Simms, Interested? Wonderful! Blank applications can be found on our website,, under the Careers tab