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Digital learning day 2016 Chrome2Home


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Student leaders at Cajon Valley Middle School will be sharing digital tips to our families on how to use our Chromebooks effectively.

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Digital learning day 2016 Chrome2Home

  1. 1. Digital Learning Day 2016
  2. 2. What is digital learning day? Digital learning is a day where you get to learn more about the internet, get more in touch with the technology, and learn about tech and internet safety. It will teach you and your child how to use the chromebooks and how to take care of them.
  3. 3. How to be more involved in your kid’s work? In the school website you can check your kid’s homework by going to their teacher’s website and check the homework. In the school’s website you can check your kid’s grade by scrolling down and going to the link student connect. You can also check their grades in the home screen it should say welcome on the top. Click on Q/Zangle Student Portal and sign in.
  4. 4. How do you take care of the chromebooks? 1.Make sure they are fully charged everyday 2.Carry them in their case and when they are closed 3.Keep them away from liquids or food 4.Don't swing them, keep them in your backpack. 5.Don't press the keys too hard 6.Be careful when walking around with them. 7.Don't pull on the chargers by the cord, it will break. 8.Don’t bend the screens too far back. 9.Don’t press on the screens because they could break 10.Treat them with respect and care at all times.
  5. 5. What To Do If You See a Damage On Your Chromebook If you find a damage on your chromebook, please report it to the school office or one of your teachers. Ask to go see the chromebook hospital.
  6. 6. Extra things you need to know. • You are not allowed to add extensions. • The chromebooks are always on safesearch to keep things appropriate but you should check on what your child is doing • Limit their screen time to less than 3 hrs per day • Don't let your child give or lend a chromebook to anyone because they could damage or steal the chromebook • Let them tell you their passwords but don’t give it away. • The chromebooks should be charging overnight, so they’re ready for the next day! This is very important!
  7. 7. Thank You For Attending!! Together, we make a difference! Sincerely, The CVMS Student Leadership Team