Blog post and comment week 3


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Blog post and comment week 3

  1. 1. BloggingThrough the WeekAcademic Commenting andWriting a Blog PostA Weekly OutlineMrs. Ilko
  2. 2. Journal Warm Up Selecting a NewTopicIn your journal, please write 3 possible blog topicsfor the week. Star your favorite choice. It will be yourexit slip by the end of the period today. I willconference with each of you today to check it off.
  3. 3. Day 1• Responding to Blogs• Today you will be responding to 4-5 other blog posts from our class.• Remember the focus is academic commenting.• You will need to read each blog post, and then post an academic comment. Arby and I blogging together, Daisy was at my feet.
  4. 4. Academic Comments:• In our classroom blog space we are aiming for a more academic tone in our work.• Our comments should:• Relate to the content of the post• Continue the conversation by adding a statement or asking a question• Add something to the authors post like a link, connection, idea, reminder or new perspective.• Challenge someone’s point of view
  5. 5. Academic Comment Stems…• You are not limited to these starters, but they are here to give you some ideas on how to begin your comment.• This made me think about…• I wonder why…• I can relate to this…• I discovered…• I found myself wondering…• Another thing to consider…• Your post is relevant because..•
  6. 6. Finding an Article or Source• Today you will be finding an article to support your research on your topic. Please divide your note page into 3 sections with the following headings in your journal:• The title, author, and site from your source.• My source:• how-to-blog-change-makeals-life/• Summary of key ideas• Quote:
  7. 7. It Says, I Say, and So…• When reading your article and taking notes, divide your notes page with the following headings It says I Say It Says… I say… And so…• Here is my source for the week:• kids-should-know-how-to-blog/ Jeff Anderson, What Every Writer Needs to Know San Diego Area Writing Project Demi Brown
  8. 8. Finding a Quote• Go back to your article from your previous research. This week you will be adding a quote to your blog post and it will need to be written in the correct format and cited correctly.• Copy the chart on the next slide into your journal.
  9. 9. The Only Three Questions That MatterImportant Quote What is the What does it Why does itfrom the Article Author Saying? mean? What matter? does the authorInclude Put it in your mean by saying Why is thisTitle, Source and own words this? significant toAuthor what you are Interpret it. saying? Read, write
  10. 10. Using Quotes in Your Post• Make sure you include the quote, but then also state why it supports your piece, It should not just stand out there on its own. Use your chart to help you.• Example:• “And the fact that Makeal was given free rein to choose the topic of his blog made the experience more meaningful…. The freedom to choose has the potential to ignite a transformative identity shift.” (Ito)• The author is saying that having choice is important to students. If students feel they can write about what they know, they will write more and do a better job. I agree.
  11. 11. Writing Your Article• Today you need to write the draft of your blog post. Make sure you include:• Title of your Post• A blog post 3 to 4 paragraphs in length.• The first paragraph defining your topic• Paragraph 2 and 3, giving the information• Include a quote citing correctly• Paragraph 4, asking a question or defining a prompt for your readers to respond.• At the end of your post, put the link to the article you read.
  12. 12. Blog Post Check List• By the end of the period, make sure you have had a partner edit your work. Use your Blog Post Checklist to make sure your blog has all the basic elements.• Mrs. Ilko will be reading all blog posts over the weekend and writing a response. Comments will be shared and posted on Monday.