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Published in: Sports, Education
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  1. 1. CHEERLEADING Claudia Martínez Universidad Libre Bogotá 2012
  2. 2. CHEERLEADINGThe cheerleading is a sport activity.This discipline is not known for thosewho wish to practice. The idea behindcheerleading is to inspire viewers to cheerfor their teams during the team sportsgames. Cheerleading includes suchactivities as dancing, cheers, tumbling andjumps.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVESOne of the objectives is to show andteach the young people thatcheerleading is an activity of physicalstrength and dexterity.To provide them an opportunity toparticipate in the sport of competitivecheerleading in an adult supervised,organized and safety-oriented manner.
  4. 4. JUSTIFICATIONPromote the cheerleading to the youngpeople is a commitment to one ofthe most booming sports disciplines in theworld, since this allows todevelop strengths in: coordination,teamwork and physical dexterity.
  5. 5. METHODOLOGYThe pedagogical models that willbe applied in the practiceof cheerleading are: Constructivism andthe cognitivism.The cognitivism method no longerrelies so much on teaching but onlearning through student progress ratherthan the concepts taught by Professor.
  6. 6. The cognitive model focuses on the mentalprocesses of the students and their abilityto move towards cognitiveabilities increasingly complex, either byitself or with the help of an adult.
  7. 7. EVALUATIONTo promote the cheerleading practicewe must consider if this disciplinehas been known to the youngpeople, because they are the oneswho participate in this kind of sport,in this case if this discipline is well-known and widespread it will be asuccess in our country.
  8. 8. RESOURSES Types of CheerleadingSchool-SponsoredA school-sponsored cheerleading team is directlyaffiliated with a school, either public or private, andall of the members on the team must attend thatschool. The main purpose of this type of team is topromote school spirit and motivate fans duringsporting events.
  9. 9. College/UniversityCollege level cheerleading is technically school-sponsored, but it is very different from cheering atthe junior high and high school levels. Not allcolleges have cheer teams, but the ones that doonly accept the cream of the crop. Collegecheerleaders attend games, as well as other schoolrelated functions, like fundraisers and community events.
  10. 10. Youth At the youth level, cheerleaders learn thebasics of the sport, as well as sportsmanship and team skills.
  11. 11. ProfessionalProfessional cheerleaders cheer for a professionalsports team (perhaps the Dallas CowboysCheerleaders rings a bell). Professional cheerleadingis very competitive and making one of these teamsis no easy task. Although professional teams don’tcompete, they are always striving to be the best intheir league and/or division.
  12. 12. about Cheerleading
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