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Change the conversation keynote StarWest 2015


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Change the conversation about testing and quality―from bugs and poor requirements to products and solutions.

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Change the conversation keynote StarWest 2015

  1. 1. Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc. Copyright 2015 StarWest 2015 Twitter id: janetgregoryca
  2. 2. It’s usually about bugs the conversation about quality
  3. 3. Or perhaps it’s about traceability – Did we test all the requirements -- What is our code coverage?
  4. 4. “Managers who don’t know how to measure what they want, settle for wanting what they can measure.” Russell Ackoff
  5. 5. What does all that information really tell you?
  6. 6. • Value • Uncertainty • Risk • How might we really measure product quality? Instead, let’s talk about: • Whose job is it anyway? • The mindset of the team And perhaps a bit about: 7
  7. 7. For your value, which is better? Which is right?
  8. 8. Can something be right? But not meet a customer’s needs?
  9. 9. Understand the value to the business!
  10. 10. How to You Measure Value Validate Your Learning
  11. 11. Risk and Uncertainty 14 Copyright 2015 : Janet Gregory – DragonFire Inc.
  12. 12. Uncertainty ◦ not known or definite ◦ not completely confident or sure of something
  13. 13. 17 Liz Keogh –
  14. 14. Risk • a situation involving exposure to danger • expose someone (or something valued) to danger • possibility of something unpleasant happening
  15. 15. There are 2 kinds of risks 1. Project risk 2. Product risk
  16. 16. With permission from Dan North - a Software Faster pattern
  17. 17. With permission from Dan North - a Software Faster pattern
  18. 18. With permission from Dan North - a Software Faster pattern
  19. 19. • Project, product, organization, reputation, contractual, regulatory, legal (ex. privacy), ethical ….. • ASK – Why do your customers want you to test for them?
  20. 20. Visualize
  21. 21. Involve your whole team including customers, in the talk about risks & testing
  22. 22. But don’t forget the big picture Look at the details
  23. 23. Risk and Uncertainty
  24. 24. Is it your job? What about the Who??? If every team member took a holistic view of the product release and the risks it faces, then every person on the team would be a critical contributor to the delivery of that solution. Matt Mansell - paraphrased Is it the tester’s job to think about quality?
  25. 25. So, do you follow behind looking for bugs? or …. are you looking ahead for the risks? 29
  26. 26. Can we really measure product quality ….. if we don’t measure: - bugs, or - requirements or - coverage?
  27. 27. • Customer satisfaction? • Customer retention? • The type of issues found in production?
  28. 28. Use analytics • Who uses your product? • Do they use it in the way you expected?
  29. 29. • Perhaps we start with a risk profile, and focus on a risk-based solution delivery.
  30. 30. Know your customers, your stakeholders Manage your uncertainty Mitigate your risk Understand the problem Understand the value
  31. 31. from bugs and traceability to business value, risks and uncertainty about product quality
  32. 32. From finding and counting bugs To preventing bugs and measuring value about measuring product quality
  33. 33. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team By Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin Contact info Email: Twitter: janetgregoryca 37 Copyright 2015 : Janet Gregory – DragonFire Inc.
  34. 34. References • Dan North, StarEast 2015 keynote • • Dave Snowden on Cynafin • Matt Mansell – Risk-based testing, ANZTB 2014 asedTesting-Distribution.pdf • Rob Lambert effectiveness-of-a-tester-the-only-calculation-you-need/ • •