Elluminate wed final


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Elluminate wed final

  1. 1. Janet Finlay & Dawn WoodLeeds Metropolitan University
  2. 2.  Place coaching at the heart of the personalised curriculum design. Learners work with a personal coach to  assess their learning needs  select appropriate provision or construct awards (or module sets)  access resources and learning support  negotiate assessment  review progress and adjust plans
  3. 3. “The coach works with clients to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness in their lives and careers through focused learning.The coach’s sole aim is to work with the client to achieve all of the client’s potential – as defined by the client” (Rogers 2004 p7) 4
  4. 4. Directive Non directivesupport supportMentoring CoachingTutoring 5
  5. 5.  Let’s have a short interlude – web tour http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtetWmA enkE (if looking at this later)
  6. 6. Coaching Mentoring Tutoring
  7. 7. Personal vision: Where I wish to go Learning,development Coaching My real self: and In PC3 developmentalachievement opportunities Personalised curriculum development 8
  8. 8.  Coaching empowers individuals to make the right choices:  It focuses on the individual’s needs  It impacts on their effectiveness  It facilitates the development of maturity as an adult learner  It facilitates the development of self direction  It facilitates the development of reflective practice  It facilitates the realisation of personal learning plans and, through this, personalised curriculum 9
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10.  Personalised Learning through Coaching Initially M level but will be producing UG version Covers:  Coaching  Adult learning, intentional change, reflection  Curriculum design, professional development  Technology support Distance delivery through self-contained units of learning (could be repurposed) Assessed through reflective e-Portfolio
  11. 11. Studeo Assessment:Learning Plan, Coaching, Technology Decision making process ….. Coaching Reflections ……. Health Check & Core Process Formative Expression Personal Appraisal Self- of Searching Plan Feedback Awareness Outcomes Selection Intro to for Diagnostic on of Modules PC3 Learning Negotiate Diagnostic Real Self Refining of Study Prospects LearningInduction Personal Ideal Self Learning Path Visioning Needs Carnegie coaching lab Self- Refining Induction Awareness Selection Negotiation Outcomes Learning bank Intro: Diagnostic Adult Gathering Research Curriculum Choices Planning Coaching Learning- Models of Evidence Technology Visioning Intentional Critical for Coaching Professiona Reflection Reflection Change Evaluation Review future l Growth Commons … Networking … F2F group work …Webinars … 12
  12. 12.  Place coaching at the heart of assessment, learning and teaching Learner-focused responsive approach to curriculum design Widening participation for part-time and work- based learners Develop further international flexible distance provision Strengthen partnerships with employers
  13. 13.  Tracking part-time work-based learners No current provision for non-Faculty open award Information on available modules Access to and selection of provision and assessment Flexibility of staff engagement with learners: implications for deployment Technical integration with existing systems: Banner, X-stream, Repository Appropriate cross-module and cross-course funding model
  14. 14.  How might this apply in your institution? What is the number one thing to make this succeed? What is the number one thing to cause this to fail?
  15. 15. Website/Blog: http://www.pc3.org.ukProject Director: Janet FinlayTechnology Enhanced Learning TeamOld School Board 109j.finlay@leedsmet.ac.ukx. 26303Project core team:Margaret Christian, John Gray, Tam Mason, Dawn Wood 16