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  • P1_s1_L P1_s1_LR Re-think – kind of cheesyL – back of Front coverR – 1.A
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  • First Time Smoking does NOT equal Habitual Smoking“honest” vs frankInsight – first time experiences are usually awkward..
  • Creative strategy – my first time…the awkwardness of first time experiences.
  • New Opportunities (Loyalty..)
  • One-Liner for Creative:
  • First Time Smoking does NOT equal Habitual Smoking“honest” vs frankInsight – first time experiences are usually awkward..
  • First Time Smoking does NOT equal Habitual Smoking“honest” vs frankInsight – first time experiences are usually awkward..
  • Le book.v11 format single

    1. 1. Neon (Ne)Although a very common element in theuniverse,it is rare on Earth.
    2. 2. a boutthebookThis is a compilation of work from my time at Miami AdSchool. Everything enclosed is the result of a team ofminds.My teammates tell me that my strongest contribution ismy ability to funnel complex and seemingly discrepantinformation into simple chunks, and highlight thesignificant points.Enclosed are four case studies which exemplify thisapproach to problem solving.
    3. 3. t a bleofcontentsmyfirsttime onerelivethegoodtimes fourkeepingide a s a live sevenshelter ten a boutme twelve
    4. 4. ch a llenge Prevent teen tobacco use.insight The first cigarette is disgusting, and the experience, uncomfortable.str a tegy Encourage teens to be frank about the awkwardness of their first cigarette experience so they will choose to not do it again.
    5. 5. y outube& hulu a dCollections of individualteens speaking about theawkwardness of their firstcigarette experiences. t witter thre e
    6. 6. ch a llenge Protect and grow Netflix’s subscriber base in 2012.insight If life were a movie, age reflects the number of roles we’ve played, lines we’ve said, and plots we’ve experienced.str a tegy Convince our target to retire with Netflix and relive thegood times.
    7. 7. kindle a d1.37% of Kindleusers are age55+(Amazon.com) d irectm a iler In the form of a vintage microphone that opens to a cozy living room movie watching setting. Strong preference among age 55+ for printed mail. (ChiefMarketer.com) six
    8. 8. ch a llenge Help small businesses become more competitive.insight Behind every great entrepreneur was a great failure.str a tegy Give entrepreneurs the confidence to continue taking risks.
    9. 9. In Their Offices - Reach theNascent Entrepreneur inhis/her office, the coffee shop. c offeesleeve nine
    10. 10. ch a llenge Develop a brand with the potential to change the world’s lodging landscape.insight What is fundamental for one person is a luxury for another.str a tegy Stay-One-House-One Model
    11. 11. twelve
    12. 12. c ont a ctmei nse a rchof 415 . 937. 4288 Janet.DoubleU@gmail.comOpportunities to use my love for absorbingand synthesizing seemingly discrepantinformation in order to create experiences that s eemeonlineinspire social behavior. JanetDoubleU.com JanetDoubleU.tumblr.comSenior Economic Consultant Founding Team MemberDeloitte Tax LLP. Global Transfer Pricing rippleQ. Social Venture Technology Start-up12. 2007 to 5. 2010 11. 2010 to 4. 2011Brand & Intellectual Property Valuation. Strategy. Performed market competitiveManaged an intellectual property migration for analysis and compiled educational kit forone of the largest U.S. multinational internal, investor, and client use.companies in the hospitality industry as thesole staff person on a multi-partner Brainstorm Moderation. Led discussions andengagement, assessing brand lifecycle and drafting of product feature value propositionsvalue, conducting research, client interviews, for use in business strategy, sales, andeconomic and financial analyses, and drafting customer development.qualitative support for analyses. Projectresulted in follow-up engagement. Consumer Journey. Created use cases for software product testing and drafted detailedMacro Trend Analysis. Executed economic product FAQs.downturn analysis for $2 billion revenue clientin the computer and information technology Worked with ‘Creatives’. Collaborated withindustry, analyzing profitability, and managing engineers and customer developmenttwo-person India-based team in performing manager to develop and test product tocomparable company analyses to identify customer specifications.economic trends. Behavior. Helped develop the companyClient Relations. Directed client relationship product - behavior management softwareas sole staff member of a senior level tax using game mechanics.team and managed team of two to completeinternational tax restructuring for major client Operations. Established enterprise as ain semiconductor industry. Project resulted in Benefit Corporation. Managed financial, legal,avoidance of $1 million penalty. and human resource activities.
    13. 13. Strategy & Operations ConsultantCommunity Action for Rural Development.Kenyan organization engaged in micro-enterprise bee-keeping initiative. Account Planning Boot Camp6. 2007 to 9. 2007 Miami Ad School 1. 2012 to 3. 2012Interviews. Visited 40+ farmers on the back Top Dog, First in Classof a dirt bike.Mediation. Drafted and implementedagreements between community organization,farmers, and honey suppliers. Introduction to Communication Design Extended EducationModeration. Led strategy discussions with California College of the Artsnon-profit managers. Summer 2011Immersion. Lived with a host family andparticipated in community activities. Learnedbasic Swahili. B.A. Mathematics/Economics Minor in International Studies University of California at San Diego 9. 2003 to 6. 2007Associate Producer of ContentSocial Capital Markets. UCSD Provost’s Honors6. 2010 to 10. 2010 & 5. 2011 to 9. 2011 Ernest C. Mort Leadership AwardLarge-scale Impact. Helped produce aninternational social enterprise conference thatdrew 1,300+ social entrepreneurs, venture m ore a boutmecapital investors, university professors, andfoundations from 40+ countries. Attendees Origami & Collage Arts Practitionerincluded representatives from the Bill & Dancer. Performance & CompetitiveMelinda Gates Foundation, Acumen Fund, JP since Age 5Morgan, McKinsey & Company, and Stanford Yoga & Meditation EnthusiastUniversity. VegetarianRight & Left Brain. Created internalprocesses for content development, balancingbrainstorming and ideation with operation andexecution.