Female Ejaculation - The Secrets


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Julia from http://www.how-to-make-a-girl-squirt.info shares the best info on female ejaculation as a sex therapist for over 20 years.

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Female Ejaculation - The Secrets

  1. 1. Female Ejaculation – The SecretsNot everybody is familiar with Female Ejaculation. Its a relatively new phenomenon that has enteredthe world of sex in the last 20 years, with most being educated solely by raunchy online videos, orwithin mainstream media (Sex in the City springs to mind). Female ejaculation goes by a few othernames, namely “squirting” and for the purpose of this article we will be using this slightly morecolloquial phrase. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to squirt, or If you’re a male, make hersquirt. A recent statistic from a scientist at the University of Pennsylvania wrote: “under examinations,we found 87% of case study females had the ability to ejaculate during sex, yet only 6% of these womenever did. It seems it is through technique and ability that this reaction can be produced.”So let’s start with who I am. Or should I say we. We are I’m Janet, writing with by husband Bruce fromhttp://www.how-to-make-her-squirt.info . As high school sweethearts we grew up with most of our lifetogether, and because of our extensive time together we’ve had quite the sex life. If it’s been done,we’ve tried it, and this article is to give those who seek it, the best methods we’ve found when makingfemales squirt. Different to the male orgasm, women don’t need to ejaculate, but rather it is somethingthat must be taught. So let’s get going.MAKING HER FEEL RELAXED.Yes, boring and elementary we know, but this is one of the most important steps. She needs to feelconfident, for as much as the ejaculation is physical – a strong part is psychological. She must feel free,willing and ready to let it gush out of her without the tension of everyday life interfering with theprocess. We recommend lighting a candle, maybe starting with a sensual massage and then going inwith our techniques.SKRENE GLAND.Understanding of the Skrene’s Gland is vital. Observe this image:
  2. 2. Scientists have observed that “it seems a way to bring about female ejaculation is through stimulatingthe Urethra initially. Once the Urethra is stimulated it is important to move onto the clitoris, and finallyvagina”. Me and Bruce can vouch for this. When Bruce starts doing his thing, this is exactly what hedoes. Of course he uses more advanced techniques than just “stimulate”, which is a pretty vague word.HOW TO STIMULATE.This is where it gets juicy (no pun intended). It was while my husband Bruce and I where travelling inBulgaria that we found a small sex shop. It was here he met a retired sex therapist, and learnt thesetechniques. What you’re going to want to do is take two fingers and stimulate the clitoris with one, andthe inner of the vagina with the other. The key here is to sync the motion, so one flick of the clit, oneinsertion to the vagina. Start slow, doing one then the other, and then as time goes by – speed up. Nottoo fast mind, but over the course of 10 minutes you should go from slow stimulation, to faststimulation.FURTHER TECHNIQUESRepetition of this process, along with certain ‘psychological helpers’ (whispering to her, etc) is enoughfor some women to take them to the edge. However for most, further techniques are required.See our website for further techniques on female ejaculation.Love Janet x