26289000Social Media 101 – Resources and TacticsJanet Aronica - @JanetAronica – Director of Marketing & Community, onefort...
Suggest to friends (only available for admins)
Post engaging statuses to wall + photos</li></ul>Tactics:<br /><ul><li>Photos + Videos
Statuses – share links to relevant articles
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Social media 101 – resources and tactics


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Social media 101 – resources and tactics

  1. 1. 26289000Social Media 101 – Resources and TacticsJanet Aronica - @JanetAronica – Director of Marketing & Community, oneforty0Social Media 101 – Resources and TacticsJanet Aronica - @JanetAronica – Director of Marketing & Community, oneforty<br />Social Media Resources<br />Tools<br />SocialBase – http://oneforty.com/solutions/socialbase <br />Small Business Social Media Tools - http://bit.ly/smbiz101tools <br />Books <br />oneforty’s Twitter for Business 101 ebook - http://bit.ly/twit4biz101<br />Twitter for Dummies co-authored by oneforty CEO/Founder Laura Fitton - http://amzn.to/k8JzWz <br />The Inbound Marketing Book - http://amzn.to/meOWv9 <br />The New Rules of Marketing and PR - http://amzn.to/jyHnQu <br />Blogs<br />oneforty’s blog: http://oneforty.com/blog <br />Mashable – http://www.mashable.com<br />Social Fresh – http://www.socialfresh.com <br />Chris Brogan – http://www.chrisbrogan.com <br />Social Media Explorer – http://socialmediaexplorer.com <br />Social Media Examiner – http://socialmediaexaminer.com <br />Social Media B2B – http://socialmediab2b.com <br />LinkedIn Groups (engage in discussions) <br />Managing and Measuring Social Media by oneforty – http://bit.ly/14tlinkedin<br />HubSpot’s Inbound Marketers – http://linkd.in/laVPed <br />Platforms<br />Facebook<br />Examples: http://facebook.com/boloco <br />Facebook Resources:<br />http://marismith.com <br />http://insidefacebook.com<br />http://socialfresh.com/fb-ebook-signup/ - Page content ideas<br />http://bit.ly/iGMqnr - HubSpot’s ebook on FB page marketing<br />Facebook tactics:<br />-Profile (personal) <br />-Page (business) <br />-Group (can be for biz, not advised to start with though)<br />-Community Pages (claim yours<br />-Events (great for local biz, promote via page)<br />-Credits (currency for apps)<br />-Apps (Ex: games)<br />Create a Page: http://facebook.com/pages<br />First Steps:<br /><ul><li>Complete information
  2. 2. Suggest to friends (only available for admins)
  3. 3. Post engaging statuses to wall + photos</li></ul>Tactics:<br /><ul><li>Photos + Videos
  4. 4. Statuses – share links to relevant articles
  5. 5. Questions
  6. 6. Custom tabs
  7. 7. Facebook ads
  8. 8. Facebook Places</li></ul>Newsfeed – main feed of information when you login to Facebook. Create engaging content for customers on Facebook page so it makes it to their newsfeed.<br />Facebook Tools<br />Kurrently – monitor mentions<br />Hootsuite – monitor wall, update status (free & starting at $5.99/month)<br />Facebook Insights – metrics for business pages (included, free)<br />Twitter<br />Sign up: http://twitter.com <br />-Username – pick one similar to your real name/brand name<br />-Complete information: photo, bio, url<br />-Follow people (Use Google contacts prompt + Who to Follow)<br />-Send a few Tweets to get started. Shorten the links you share with Bit.ly because you only have 140 characters.<br />Glossary - The terms you need to know are:<br />Avatar – This is just a fancy word for your profile picture.<br />cc – Sometimes you will see someone cc’d on a Tweet. This is almost like someone is “tagged” in a Tweet the way someone can be tagged in a picture on Facebook.<br />Twitter client – This is a third party tool used to send updates to Twitter. The most popular tools include Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic and CoTweet.<br />Direct Messages - A direct, private message to another user. Also called DM’s.<br />Favorite – You can “favorite” Tweets and view your favorite Tweets at http://twitter.com/username/favorites. For example, this may be helpful for bookmarking Tweets of links you want to read later. <br />Follow – This is Twitter’s equivalent to “friending” as in Facebook. When you follow someone, it means you subscribe to their Tweets. When someone follows you, they subscribe to your Tweets.<br />Handle – This is your Twitter username<br />#hashtags = Tagged terms, helpful for search. People most often tag events, trends, and locations. (Example, tagging a comment about the weather in Boston with #Boston would be appropriate.)<br />h/t – “hat tip” – This may be used when someone Tweets a great article and you Tweet the link and you want to refer to where you got the article from. It is considered good Twitter etiquette to give credit like this.<br />RTs = ReTweets, or repeating someone else’s Tweet, to show you agree with them<br />Unfollow – This is unsubscribing to someone’s undates. It is somewhat the equivalent to “unfriending” someone on Facebook.<br />@replies - a direct, public reply to another user. <br />Tip: If you start a Tweet with @Zappos, only your followers who also follow @Zappos will see that update. Want everyone to see that Tweet? Use the .@ trick and start the Tweet with .@Zappos. <br />Twitter Lists – This feature lets you create a list of people. This is helpful for categorizing the people you follow. For example, you might create a list of your coworkers that you follow on Twitter, as well as a list of the news outlets that you follow.<br />Twitter Search - Search bar at the top of Twitter.com. Also: http://search.twitter.com Use this to search what people are saying about current events, trends, brands, topics, places, people, etc. You can set up saved searches for any of these things in a Twitter client and monitor the conversations.<br />Via – This is similar to “hat tip” – it’s another way to refer to where you got an article or idea from. It’s considered good Twitter etiquette to credit others.<br />Twitter Tools: <br />Hootsuite – Manage Twitter searches, respond to @replies + manage Facebook pages<br />Twilerts – Google alerts for Twitter (set one for your company name, keywords that matter to you)<br />Twitter search – http://search.twitter.com = Twitter’s own search tool. Subscribe to RSS feeds of searches<br />FollowerWonk – compare your followers to your competitors (follow them)<br />FilterTweeps – Find relevant people to follow by location and bio<br />Twoolr: Free analytics<br />Buffer app – Schedule Tweets efficiently<br />Location Based Services<br />Resources: Location-Based Marketing for Dummies - http://amzn.to/mD2rEN <br />Small business examples: http://on.mash.to/jituUx <br />SCVNGR<br />-Checkin + Challenge<br />-LevelUp<br />- http://scvngr.com/builder <br />FourSquare<br />-Claim your venue<br />-Mayors – person with most check-ins (know your Mayor)<br />- Check your tips (reviews) <br />- Offer a special (for check-ins and Mayors)<br />- https://foursquare.com/business/venues <br />Facebook Places<br />http://www.facebook.com/places<br />-Claim your venue, merge places page + Facebook page – (How to: http://bit.ly/iktMeI )<br />Google Places<br />-Claim your business: http://bit.ly/ld1WEW<br />-More visibility – Google.com/boost <br />LBS Tools: Monitor checkins + tips w/ Sprout Social: http://sproutsocial.com ($49/month for business plan)<br />Yelp<br /><ul><li>Claim your businesses’ page http://biz.yelp.com
  9. 9. Complete all the information on your page (photos, hours of operation)
  10. 10. Encourage reviews (website badges, physical stickers at businesses)
  11. 11. Respond to reviews – positive & negative. Example: http://bit.ly/ithkzW </li></ul>Blogging<br />-Platform: Wordpress.org, self hosted <br />-Domain: http://yourdomain.com/blog or http://blog.yourdomain.com <br />-Tools: Facebook share, Twitter button and Google’s +1 button<br />Why/What/How<br />-thought leadership in your space<br />-Adjacency: blog about things your customers would care about (sell running shoes? teach your runners how to be better runners)<br />-community engagement – shine the light on them by featuring them, even use guest posts<br />-SEO - create content with your keywords, drive traffic to your website. Google gives credit for social sharing now, leverage your social efforts with this.<br />