How to write killer posts faster and easier


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Every blogger wants to write killer posts but they just don't know who. Here are three simple steps that will help you write killer posts faster without much sweat and pain.

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How to write killer posts faster and easier

  1. 1. How to write killer posts in less time?
  2. 2. Why write killer posts?Every blogger wants to write killer posts. WHY?Killer posts ~ Gain attention ~ Earn subscribers ~ Earn natural backlinks & much more……
  3. 3. Why write killer posts?• Killer posts ~ boost your rankings ~ makes your blog popular ~ improve your credibility in your nicheIt is easy to establish your authority if you write a lot of Killer Posts!
  4. 4. So……What’s the PROBLEM?• Writing killer posts is not usually easy!• They just don’t occur quite often (or)• ….as often you want them to happen  Here is the MAGIC! Killer posts should HAPPEN
  5. 5. Killer posts…..HAPPEN!I’m not saying that youshould not plan your postsand you should only wait forthe magic to happen!
  6. 6. What you CAN do?You can ~ Plan ~ Do mind maps ~ Collect resources…. And ~ Prepare yourself to write that KILLER POST
  7. 7. What you CAN’T do?You can’t be sure that the result will be akiller post! You cannot use brute force to write killer posts
  8. 8. What happens when you “force” it? Then end product is HORRIBLE! This mainly happens with NEWBIES  No Offense!
  9. 9. Let’s do this Step 1: IDEA BANKMaintain a spreadsheet, text file, notebook, whatever…. To capture ideas!
  10. 10. No guarantee!Having an idea bank writing a killer post! BUT Makes the process easier!
  11. 11. How to capture ideas?•• ideas helps you write killer posts often and with ease!
  12. 12. Let’s do this Step 2: ExerciseI didn’t mean this Train your brain to write fast
  13. 13. Exercise• Exercise your brain and fingers• Develop a habit of regular writing• Again – NO GUARANTEE!
  14. 14. Let’s do this Step 3: Read Killer PostsSimply reading a lot – doesn’t workFind out killer posts and read them!
  15. 15. How to find killer posts?• Visit popular blogs in your niche• Look for a popular posts widget on the sidebar or footer
  16. 16. WARNING!• Read the posts and learn• Don’t be a copy cat
  17. 17. Write killer posts fast - Recap• Have an idea bank (capture ideas)• Develop a habit of regular writing• Read a lot of killer posts
  18. 18. TakeawayDon’t be jealous onpopular blogs thathave lots of killerposts
  19. 19. TakeawayIts just a matter of timeand practiceDon’t be too hard onYourself
  20. 20. Drop by and say hello Feel free to drop by to say hello  - You will find useful information Like, Share, Tweet, Comments, Questions are welcome!