Should You Remove Date From Blog Posts


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Should you date your blog posts or not is a million dollar question. Of course it depends on the type of content you publish - but is it ethical to remove date from blog posts?

Find out in this presentation!

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Should You Remove Date From Blog Posts

  1. 1. Should you removedate from blog posts?
  2. 2. “Should I remove date from blog posts?”- I often get asked
  3. 3. Here’s come two types of content
  4. 4. Timeless or evergreen content
  5. 5. And, timely content
  6. 6. Evergreen content is something that appliesno matter when it is read
  7. 7. Timely content is more like news and stuffthat goes invalid or useless at a later date
  8. 8. Opinions are varied as towhy should one think aboutincluding or excluding dates in blog posts
  9. 9. Some readers might be turned off to see a post without date
  10. 10. Why should we worry about the date in blog posts?
  11. 11. There are reasons
  12. 12. How to remove date from blog posts?
  13. 13. Click here to knowClick
  14. 14. Now let’s get to the debate part
  15. 15. Is removing date from blog postsethical?
  16. 16. First of all, even though I am tempted to think thatmy content is evergreen
  17. 17. Not all of my blog posts are evergreen(let’s be honest here)
  18. 18. If I want to make sure thatmy readers get up-to-dateinformation
  19. 19. I should go backandedit the posts quite often
  20. 20. That takes a lot of timeand effort to maintain the blog
  21. 21. Let’s say I discuss a SEO tipor a strategy in my post
  22. 22. And let’s say the Google godsroll out a new update
  23. 23. … which turns the tablesupside down
  24. 24. … and my SEO tip now becomes a no-no
  25. 25. A random reader who readsthe post after the majorsearch engine updateapplies the strategyI discussed in myundated post.
  26. 26. And oops,he gets slapped by Google.
  27. 27. Get it?
  28. 28. So should I keep the datesor remove them?
  29. 29. Yes and No.I’ve got a round about way to do this!
  30. 30. Want to know the solution?Click here
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