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How To Get The Best Used Exercise Equipment


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Purchasing used fitness equipment is certainly an option to save money and time (by avoiding going to the gym).

But saving money always comes with a price. Find out how you can get maximum value for the money when you go for buying used exercise equipment!

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How To Get The Best Used Exercise Equipment

  1. 1. How To Get The Best UsedEXERCISE EQUIPMENT?
  2. 2. We all want to stay fit, right?
  3. 3. And some of us desperately want toLOSE WEIGHT
  4. 4. What is the #1 excuseyou can think of for not working out?
  5. 5. Getting the time to do the exercise
  6. 6. If we have to go to the gym...
  7. 7. We have to prepare ourselves for the commute
  8. 8. If the gym is somewhat farther from your house,you spend time on commuting
  9. 9. If the weather is bad outside,you might have to cancel your trip to gym
  10. 10. What if you can acquire your ownfitness equipment?
  11. 11. Aww.... I hear you
  12. 12. Gym equipment areexpensive!
  13. 13. Here’s a sweet option
  14. 14. You can go for used exercise equipment
  15. 15. Yes! Used equipment are cheaper
  16. 16. But cheap always carries its own risk
  17. 17. How to make sure you are gettinga good piece for the money you spend?
  18. 18. Here are some tips
  19. 19. #1 Overall check(yup the common sense stuff!)
  20. 20. Give a nice and close look to see for any visible damage
  21. 21. Do a brief workout to checkif the equipment functions properly
  22. 22. Look for friction, and heating issues.
  23. 23. Check if the controls and buttons workproperly
  24. 24. #2 Check for the papers
  25. 25. Never accept a used equipmentwithout its purchase bill
  26. 26. Also ask forwarranty and insurance papers
  27. 27. #3 Pay attention to the accessories
  28. 28. #4 Get maintenance advice
  29. 29. Talk to the ownerabout the equipment’s maintenance
  30. 30. Ask about the general routine serviceorother maintenance involved
  31. 31. #5 Don’t be shy to bargain
  32. 32. You opted for used equipmentto save money,right?
  33. 33. So if you feel that the price is high,don’t be shy to bargain
  34. 34. You can bargain on the wear,any minor issues, missing accessoriesand so on.
  35. 35. It’s OK to go for used exercise equipment.
  36. 36. Just make sureyou get good value for the money
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