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How To Get Started To Make Your Goal Setting Effective


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Do you feel that all your actions don't get you results? You seem to have a clear goal and a perfect blueprint - but still that gets you nowhere?

There is a missing piece! Watch this presentation to find out.

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How To Get Started To Make Your Goal Setting Effective

  1. How To Get Started To Make YourGoal SettingEffective
  2. When you set goalsyou give yourself a purpose to work on
  3. Without a goalyour efforts willwander
  4. But there’s one crucial thing that can makeyour goal settingineffective
  5. Not getting started!
  6. The starting point ishighly crucial
  7. Without ityou are not going tomove an inchforward!
  8. Here are some tips to help youachieve your goals
  9. Start draft work
  10. If you’re stuck about writing the first linestart workingon the draft
  11. Tell your mind thatyou’re working on the draft only
  12. And that it can beedited or worked onlater
  13. This will easethings up
  14. Set strict guidelineson your goals
  15. A strict deadline willmake you moreproductive
  16. Don’t set a hypebefore you start
  17. A goal is differentfrom a hype
  18. If you failed to achieve your goalby the end of the deadlineits OK
  19. It’s not theEnd of the world
  20. Creating a hypewill lead toDissapointmentif you fail
  21. And this will stop youfrom setting your next goal
  22. Don’t think too much- just start
  23. Too much thinkingwill get you nowhere
  24. Don’t work too muchon action plans
  25. Oh ya youneed to plan things
  26. A well planned taskis half done
  27. But planning isNOT everything
  28. Your goal settingbecomes effectiveonly upon getting started
  29. Without actionyou won’t be able to reach the goal point
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