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How To Design A Blog For Conversion


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Blog design for conversion is one of the most crucial factors that decides a blog's success. Find out how you can seamlessly implement conversion elements in blog design.

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How To Design A Blog For Conversion

  1. How to designa blog thatCONVERTS?
  2. No, I’m NoTgoing toteachHTML or CSShere
  3. I’ve got somejuicy stuff …But hey… hang on.
  4. First impressionmatters aLOT
  5. I can clearly remembermy first encounterwith any person
  6. `Especially if the impressionmade isbad…
  7. Why am I tellingyou this now?
  8. Your blog’s designwill make that
  9. Oh no!BUT…..Content is King, isn
  10. Will you believe meIf I tell youthis manIs a King?(no offense)
  11. How aboutthis one?
  12. Oops!I meantThis one>>
  13. Did you understandthe point?
  14. You have to dojusticeto yourAwesomecontent
  15. With clean…..
  16. … and professional design…
  17. That WOWs your readers …
  18. Step aside fromyour blog
  19. Visit it as one ofyour casual readers…
  20. Are you AMAZED by your blog’s design?
  21. If not …Here’s whatYou can doToClean up!
  22. Go for a premium theme likeThesis or Genesis
  23. Can’t decide betweenThesis and Genesis?Here’s a detailedcomparisonTo help you decide!
  24. Reduce the number of ads
  25. PayattentiontoYOURSIDEBAR
  26. Give importance to your content… and let the rest stay aside.
  27. Design ablog thatassistseasynavigation
  28. No… its not about placing one or twonavigation menus!
  29. Its about theEASE of navigatingthrough your blog.
  30. Is therea link toyourAbout pageon allyour pages?
  31. What about links to …Contact?Home?Blog Page?
  32. MONEY MAKING pages (from any page)?Can your visitors get to your
  33. A confused reader will only bounce off.
  34. Design your blogto CONVERT
  35. CutofftheBS
  36. ProvidesomethingvaluableAndUseful!
  37. How toimplementconversionintodesign?
  38. Have clearcall toaction(s)1
  39. Createspecificlandingpages2
  40. Stand out from the crowd3
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