How To Create Awesome Blog Content Using Semrush


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Do you know what awesome blog content is? Do you know what today's SEO is like?

Ah! And do you know how to create awesome blog content?

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How To Create Awesome Blog Content Using Semrush

  1. 1. How to createawesomeblog contentusing SEMRUSH
  2. 2. Content is the backbone of any blog,don’t you agree?
  3. 3. With all the search enginealgo changes, the definition of“awesome content”has changed
  4. 4. Nowadays you need to pleaseBOTHpeople and search engines
  5. 5. The following two things should go hand in hand Content that people find usefulandnoteworthy to talk about Content that can be easily ranked
  6. 6. Today’s SEOhas to connectthese two ends
  7. 7. The tool I am going to use for illustration isSemrushClick it to go to
  8. 8. Semrush has the abilityto give you the KEYWORDSthat you and/or your competitors areranking for
  9. 9. Open up and type any keyword to get Phrase match report Related keywords report Organic results for that keyword Ads that use that particular keyword(and their exact ad copies – which is really cool) Ads history for that keyword
  10. 10. The keyhere is to find highly searchedyet easy to rank keywords
  11. 11. How to createawesome content usingSemrush?
  12. 12. Go for a win-win situation
  13. 13. Find keywords that are searched by a decent number of people + not very competitive
  14. 14. Awesomeblog content=Useful contentContent that can beeasily found+
  15. 15. UsefulcontentContent thata reasonablesized groupof peoplewantContent thatis searchedby a decentnumber ofpeople= =
  16. 16. Content that can beeasily foundContent that is notvery competitive=
  17. 17. Wait,there’s STILL something missing!
  18. 18. When I talk aboutkeyword research,competition, picture me wearing my SEO hatClick it
  19. 19. SEO is goodbut NOT the kind of SEOmany bloggers think of!
  20. 20. SEO doesn’t mean finding keywordsandfilling your post with it
  21. 21. you need to pleaseBOTHpeople and search engines
  22. 22. Related keywords feature of Semrushhelps you do that!
  23. 23. With related keywords I get brilliant ideas to expand my post Instead of optimizing my post for onekeyword I’d use relatedkeywords throughout
  24. 24. Do you want more in depth info on this topic?Click here
  25. 25. You will find detailed tips with illustrationsHEREClick it
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