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Have You Heard Of Responsive Email Lists


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Responsive email list is highly important for the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Find out what a responsive email list is and see how you can find out if YOUR list is responsive or not.

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Have You Heard Of Responsive Email Lists

  2. 2. Email marketingis golden and it stillWORKS
  3. 3. It may be old schoolBut it still works
  4. 4. Making your readersto join your listis one side of the story
  5. 5. Butthat is not enough
  6. 6. Your email list should be“RESPONSIVE”
  7. 7. What is a responsive email list?
  8. 8. It is a listwhere your subscribers areREALLY ENGAGING
  9. 9. Your subscribers should open your emails click links on them reply buy from you and so on.
  10. 10. If your list is unresponsive,your email marketing campaignswill be a failure
  11. 11. A small listwith 100 responsive subscribersIs FAR FAR better thanan unresponsive listwith 1000 subscribers
  12. 12. Don’t you agree?
  13. 13. Why should you careabout having a responsive list?
  14. 14. Coz otherwiseYou’d betterNOThave a list at all
  15. 15. Butits not just about email open rates
  16. 16. Why?Because open rates are not accurate
  17. 17. Let’s seehow open rates are calculated
  18. 18. Once your subscriber opens an email,an image will be downloaded fromyour email autoresponder’s server.
  19. 19. This download is recordedandis registered as an“open”
  20. 20. Butthere are 2 things (constraints)for this to happen
  21. 21.  Your email should be in html The subscriber should have enabledthe display of images in the email
  22. 22. Nevertheless,open rates tell you(at least roughly)how responsive your list is
  23. 23. Don’t just build lists.Build responsive lists.Click here
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  25. 25. Want more cutting-edge blogging tips?Click here (yes you can click it)(You’ll get a couple of wonderful e-books as a bonus!)