Can Semrush Help You With Your SEO Strategy


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I use Semrush for my SEO needs. It helps me out of the box in finding the right keywords and also with on page and off page optimization.

To find out more, check out this page >

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Can Semrush Help You With Your SEO Strategy

  1. 1. Can Semrush Help YouWith YourSEO Strategy?
  2. 2. Search engine optimization isscary
  3. 3. Not many bloggerswant to knowabout it or do it
  4. 4. And for some bloggers,when they finish learning it
  5. 5. The search Gods rollout a major update
  6. 6. You certainly need toequip yourself with agood tool
  7. 7. No,not the kind of tool you think of!
  8. 8. Not a tool that willpost spam commentsorpublish blog posts on autopilot to build links
  9. 9. But the kind of tool that tells you exactlywhat is going onandhow you can improve it
  10. 10. Let me introduce Semrush1
  11. 11. Before I tell youhow to use Semrush for your SEO strategy
  12. 12. Here’s some pricing info
  13. 13. Semrush offers a free plan withVERY limited functionality
  14. 14. That was not enough for me
  15. 15. Butyou can choose to stay free
  16. 16. Plans and Prices
  17. 17. Now let’s get to theGOOD PART
  18. 18. Go to semrush.comandtype in any url or domain name
  19. 19. Semrushwill give you something interesting
  20. 20. You can getwhat keywords get you traffic
  21. 21. Most rank tracking softwarewill require you to enter the keywordsyou WISH to rank for
  22. 22. And they will give you the positionin which you rank atGoogle(or other search engines)
  23. 23. But you wouldn’t knowwhat keywords already bring youtraffic
  24. 24. Semrush doesthat
  25. 25. You get information on New Keywords Lost Keywords Keywords that have Improved in Rankings Keywords that have Declined in Rankings
  26. 26. Want to know what these are?Head over to this postCLICK HERE
  27. 27. Semrush is great forKEYWORD RESEARCH
  28. 28. I brainstorm for blog post ideasusingSemrush
  29. 29. I use the“Related Keywords”feature
  30. 30. Ioptimizemy postsin a human-friendly way
  31. 31. Instead of stuffing1 keyword in the blog post(in the name of SEO)...
  32. 32. I sprinkle the related keywords in anatural way throughout the post
  33. 33. Related keywordsalso help me expandthe post in a useful way
  34. 34. Semrush helps mewith my own blogging needs and as that of my client’s
  35. 35. Oh yesI offer SEO servicesandI need such a tool!Click it
  36. 36. YesSemrush helps me withmy SEO strategy
  37. 37. Will it help you withyour SEO strategy?
  38. 38. Onlyyou will have to find out!
  39. 39. Try out Semrushandfind it out yourself
  40. 40. Want more in-depth details onhow to use Semrush to create awesome blog content?Click here
  41. 41. For more cutting-edge blogging tipsClick on this image