Body Cleanse And Detox: What, How And Why


Published on - In this video I explain what actually is body cleanse or detox, what are toxins, why should we be worried about body cleanse and how to do it correctly.

Hope you find it useful. And yes, there's also discussion about Juice Detox!

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Body Cleanse And Detox: What, How And Why

  1. 1. Body Cleanse Or Detox: What, How And Why! Jane Sheeba ~
  2. 2. Detox or Cleanse • One of the most popular terms in diet/health world. • But, ironically not many know about this! So what is detox, why should we worry about it and how to do it correctly?
  3. 3. What are toxins? • THE main reason why we should detox! • The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the environment we live in – all these have the potential to accumulate toxins in our internal system.
  4. 4. What are toxins? • Processed foods • Foods that are genetically modified • Preservatives • Water has >> chlorine, ammonia, bleach… • Air >> poluted!
  5. 5. Toxins These toxins They find a do not get out resting place They start to of our system inside our accumulate! easily! body!
  6. 6. Toxin Accumulation This is no joke! • If we do not take action we might end up in serious complications including • Diabetes • High BP • Cancer • Liver disorder • Migraine • Kidney disorder • Erectile dysfunction and much more…..
  7. 7. Natural cleanse or detox • Our body is capable of cleansing itself! • Urinating • Defecating • Sweating • Sneezing etc. >> all are natural processes that involve removal of toxins
  8. 8. Natural cleanse or detox • BUT….. • There’s simply so much pollution that the body can’t do it all by itself! • It needs our help 
  9. 9. Why & How to detox • Detox is giving the body a helping hand to get rid of the toxins. • In detox mode, we make it much easier for the body to remove the toxins. • We give less amount and the kind of food that’s easy to digest. • That’s why Juice Detox is so popular!
  10. 10. Juice Detox • Use freshly pressed juices • You can use vegetables, greens and fruits to make the juice. • Make sure you consume 2-3 pints of juice per day while you’re on a detox mission.
  11. 11. Juice detox • Have varieties of juices to avoid boredom • Avoid adding sugar to your juices. • Water is good too!
  12. 12. Juice detox: Benefits • Eliminate toxins from the body • Boost your immune system • You can sleep tight • Skin care and beauty • Elevated energy levels • Weight loss, yay! • Deal with chronic issues!
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