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12 things i learned about blogging in 2012


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Valuable blogging lessons you can use to improve your blogging business!
I will share 12 blogging lessons I learned in 2012 that you can use in 2013 for your blogging success. There’s nothing so important about 2012 or 2013; these lessons are time-independent and can be used at all times!

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12 things i learned about blogging in 2012

  1. 1. 12 Things I Learned About Blogging In 2012 Valuable blogging lessons you can use to improve your blogging business!
  2. 2. We learn lessons almost everyday!• If we ….. – pay close attention to them, – make note of them and – use them,• we can save – a lot of mistakes, – trials and – time in the future.
  3. 3. • I will share 12 blogging lessons I learned in 2012 that you can use in 2013 for your blogging success.• There’s nothing so important about 2012 or 2013 – these lessons are time-independent and can be used at all times!• Let’s begin……
  4. 4. #1 Don’t be shy to learn everyday!• There’s always something to learn on any topic – Even if you’re popular – Or have enormous knowledge on a subject! Don’t be shy Don’t let your ego take over!
  5. 5. I’ve learnt ….many nice tips, andbeen introduced to nice toolsfrom newbie bloggers who areconnectedwith me via social media or on my list.
  6. 6. #2 Networking is fun and rewarding There are fun connections, I’ve got business some golden connections and client connections in connections – 2012. all these are worthy connections.
  7. 7. You never know which connection can open up a great opportunity for
  8. 8. #3 Help as much as you can (this will build your business) Whenever I get a newbie blogger email me a Every time I do this, I earnquestion, I take my time to a friend or even a fan. do my research and help them as much as I can.
  9. 9. You shouldn’t be spending hours everyday in responding to every email in detail. Don’t let this disturb your productivity or side track you from your goals. But take a little time to be nice to people and help them
  10. 10. Here’s some info you might like!My list subscribers get the chance to tell me what You can join my list here >>they’re struggling with and get help from me.
  11. 11. #4 It is fun to make money while sleeping That’s the That’s what we power of blogging and call passive having an income! online business! In 2012 most of my payments came through while I was either sleeping or shopping.
  12. 12. Don’t think you can It takes truck load of Make sure you grab start a blog today hard work to get my report on the and you will be there. But once you topic: Can I Really making money get there, you Make Money tomorrow! realize its true Blogging? power.Can I Really Make Money Blogging? >>>
  13. 13. #5 Diversify your blogging income• Everyone may have different ways to make money. – Use blog to get clients (web design, SEO, freelancing) – Direct/indirect advertising – Affiliate marketing – … the possibilities are endless!
  14. 14. • Don’t stick with only one!• Include all possible income streams in your “system” so that even if one fails you won’t become poor.
  15. 15. #6 Don’t put all your eggs in one basketDo not put your trust on one thing and hope that it will work forever.For instance, don’t rely on search engine traffic – you might end up getting none one day.Don’t rely on one client, one affiliate product or even one blog!
  16. 16. #7 Don’t forget to follow up• There’s always a golden opportunity in a mail box • Throughout 2012, I had a habit of digging through my old emails to see conversations with old clients, once in a month or so.
  17. 17. I emailed 80% of them doing asimple follow up. I emailed old advertisers letting them know that their ads stopped running and if they wish to advertise again. 90% of those emails turned out to be new opportunities and 60% of them make me recurring income.
  18. 18. #8 Affiliate marketing is grrreat It is one of the easiest ways to make money online.Don’t have to No need tospend time & No hectic do energy in product No marketing! customer/foll creating a launches! ow-up product! support!
  19. 19. #9 Do not over spend (on your business)Think over and over before using yourcredit card!Don’t mistake me – you HAVE to makeinvestments in your business; but….You don’t have to buy every software,plugin and e-book out there.
  20. 20. #10 Do invest in your business Do not go for free or pirated copies of software. Do not think about saving $100 for a month of sleepless nights in tweaking your blog’s design. If you can get a decent theme for $100 or get it custom designed, go for it by all means.
  21. 21. Spend your time on the most important stuffthat will actually Here’s a handy list build your of internet marketing tools I business rather use >>> than pondering over stuff that someone (or IMTools something) else can do for you.
  22. 22. #11 Collaborate with your competitors• There is no such thing called “competition” with blogging!• Your so-called competitors might be – Sharing similar stuff as you do – Selling similar products as you do – Sharing similar audience with you But there’s only one YOU!
  23. 23. The more relationships Iestablished with my so-called“competitors” the healthier myblogging journey got.
  24. 24. #12 It is not all about money Don’t make it all about money. Don’t break a relationship with a Money is client just because important, he/she did not agree with your bargain. but…. When it comes to money or relationships, don’t make it about money.
  25. 25. Have a wonderful and a prosperous 2013!• For exclusive blogging tips & personal insights join my insider newsletter >>>•• Liked my lessons? Why not share them?