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Got Credentials? High Standards for Maximum Impact


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Credentials for training programs and training are quickly becoming de rigueur. IREC’s Jane Weissman discusses how credentials are making a difference in accrediting clean energy training programs.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Got Credentials? High Standards for Maximum Impact

  1. 1. Got  Creden*als?   Jane  Weissman   IREC’s  Annual  Mee3ng  in  LA   October  11,  2010  
  2. 2. Develop  a  workforce  and  markets     with     standards  and  assurances  
  3. 3. Last  year,  we  talked  about  the   confusion  between  a  Cer3ficate   and  Professional  Cer3fica3on.  
  4. 4. This  year,  we’re  talking  about  the   escala3ng  number  of  cer3fica3on   programs.  
  5. 5. •  North  American  Board  of  Cer3fied  Energy   Prac33oners   •  Electronics  Technicians  Associa3on   Interna3onal   •  UL  University   •  Na3onal  Roofing  Contractors  Associa3on  -­‐   Roofing  Integrated  Solar  Energy  (RISE)   •  CSA  Standards  and  the  Na3onal  Electrical   Trade  Council  
  6. 6. What  makes  for  a  good  professional   cer3fica3on  scheme?  
  7. 7. •  The  creden3al  is  for  a  clearly  defined  job   •  A  job/task  analysis  is  conducted  to  iden3fy  the   tasks  for  successful  performance   •  Includes  a  balanced  involvement  of  interested   par3es   •  There  is  a  transparent  assessment  and  set  of   criteria   •  Process  safeguards  impar3ality  and   independence    
  8. 8. Pat  Fox  and  Larry  Sherwood