The IREC Credentialing Process


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IREC is the leading credentialing body for Training Program Accreditation and instructor certification for the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector. IREC offers the right credential for universities, community colleges, weatherization training centers, private training organizations, trade associations, unions, and individual instructors.

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  • Pat
  • This is not a one person job.Assign a project manager who knows the program well.  This will be the primary contact during the process.  The person who knows or can get the answers when the assessor asks a question.Do your homework.  When the application asks for policies, find and submit those specific policies.  Do not submit all policies for your parent organization and expect the assessor to sift through to find what we are asking for.Curriculum - JTA mapping can be a challenge.  Start this early.  Build a cross-map (charts work well) to show how all tasks are covered.  This is done best by the person/people who develop the curriculum.Plan ahead for onsite visit with your assessor.  - Set a target and use this as a deadline to drive the iteration process.  - All gaps must be filled before the onsite assessment can take place.Be responsive to your assessorProvide complete responses in the application
  • Need to be sure to talk about iterations
  • Two weeks to accept assessor nomination
  • Front end prep on application will save time during the assessment process. Discuss time for application prep.KF- This is a chance to really review your program, its strengths and weaknesses; everything that you have in your head, but hadn’t yet written down.
  • PV Installer JTA NABCEP or RISE
  • The IREC Credentialing Process

    1. 1.  What you need to know Pat Fox Laure-Jeanne Davignon IREC Credentialing Program February 26, 2013
    2. 2. In Their Own Words“We found the IREC ISPQ accreditation process to be an invaluableexercise in systematically evaluating and improving our training center. Ourcurriculum development processes are more efficient and well-documented. IREC ISPQ accreditation has provided our students with amore consistent experience.”--Phil Hull and Raj Casper, NRCERT “There are a lot of people offering training out there, but not all of them offer good training, or quality training. That’s what we are trying to do, and that’s why we went after IREC ISPQ in the first place, to get that stamp of approval.” -- Richard Porter, Hudson Valley Community College
    3. 3.  Assign a project manager, but this is NOT a one-person job! Do your homework Start the curriculum-JTA cross map early Plan ahead for the onsite Be responsive to your assessor
    4. 4.  Candidate Handbook IREC Standard 01022:2011 IREC-accepted Job Task Analyses Key Docs section of the Credentialing website (
    5. 5. Full Application Submittal Assessor Letter of Intent Nomination (IREC Acceptance) Desk Onsite visit Award AwardAssessment (Training Committee Maintenance (iteration) Program) Ruling
    6. 6. 60 days 4 weeks 4 monthsLetter of Application Desk Submission Assessment Onsite RulingIntent Term of Candidacy = One Year
    7. 7. Contact Info. Credential Courses JTA(s) Include how long they have been taught Projected date for submittal
    8. 8.  Familiarize yourself with the Standard and process prior to beginning the application Identify the documentation you will need to support meeting each requirement Provide enough information to address each requirement, but avoid extraneous information
    9. 9.  Double check that you have addressed each requirement prior to submission Indicate clearly if a requirement doesn’t apply and explain why
    10. 10.  Policies and procedures  Curriculum Management system  Recordkeeping Facilities  Contractors and Equipment, tools and volunteers hardware  Informational materials Student assessment  Surveys and Commitment to quality evaluations Legal entity  Employee experience Linkage to job task and training analysis  Financial fitness
    11. 11. Accreditation of Certification ofTraining Programs Workers Job Task Analyses
    12. 12.  ALL JTA tasks and subtasks Location in curriculum: courses & prerequisites Most current version of JTA must be used (IREC-accepted JTAs on IREC website)
    13. 13.  Employed by or under contract with an IREC-credentialed organization (applications can be submitted concurrently) Documented practical and teaching experience Demonstrate meeting the Core Requirements (Non- discrimination, conflict of interest, etc.) Typically no onsite assessment required
    14. 14. Master Trainer InstructorTeaching hours 900 220Practical hours 380 250TOTAL HOURS 1280 470 Experience must be from the last five years
    15. 15.  Candidate Handbook IREC Standard 01022:2011 IREC-accepted Job Task Analyses Key Docs section of the Credentialing website ( Credentialing Management System (online application)
    16. 16. (518) 621-7379