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Over dimensional loads hauling the components of a wind power station


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Over dimensional loads hauling the components of a wind power station

  1. 1. Over dimensional Loads: Hauling the Components of a Wind Power Station 8/21/2013 Over Dimensional Load Heavy load hauler faces a big challenge when it comes to transporting wind power stations. Hauling components such as those very long rotor blades is like handling raw eggs. These components may be
  2. 2. considered as overdimensional load but they have to be handled delicately. There are also the nacelles with high weight which are usually brought to far and remote construction sites. The transport of tower section can be carried with boiler decks or special tower adapters. After attaching the adapters can be adjusted to fit the respective pipe diameter and then tightly connected to the tower section. We know that wind energy is readily available but wind power is not. Wind power at this time seems to be the answer to our problem when it comes to electricity. The supply is far lower than its demand. The usual or standard ways of generating electricity make the usage of non-renewable resources limited but gives a negative impact. We know that wind energy is always. The wind power is important because it makes use of wind energy which is free therefore it saves the non-renewable sources of energy longer. It is also environment friendly. It does not emit gases which can harm the environment. The use of free energy produces wind turbines which are cost effective so there won’t be any worry regarding the electricity charges. The wind power would be able to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power supply and using energy from wind power makes you independent from the government and its agencies for power. Some places now construct wind powers to solve energy problems and to do this the parts of the wind power have to be transported to the desired site. In transporting them they have to get the right permits since these components or parts are considered to be overdimensional loads. The components or parts of a wind turbine which are hauled are the base, tower, nacelle and blades. The generator of the nacelle spins from the wind’s energy which the blades captured. The electrical conduits are found in the tower which supports and gives the nacelle access and maintenance. The base supports the whole structure. The blades are made similar to the airplane wings. The wind generates pressure as it goes on the back of the blade. The pressure makes the turbine rotate. This modern blade efficiently captures the wind’s energy than the old farm windmills. The blades rotate at a slow rate of nearly 20 revolutions per minute though the tip of the blade can be over 150 miles per hour. The nacelle contains a generator and gearbox. The generator through a sequence of gears has the blades attached to it. The gears increase the speed of the generator. Electricity is produced when the generator spins. The generators can have a fixed speed or a variable speed. The electricity is generated by variable speed generators at different frequency before it goes into the grid. The fixed speed generators are not able to take advantage of the rise and fall in the wind speed. The white steel cylinder is the usual design of the towers and these are about 150 to 200 feet tall. Other turbines utilize a lattice tower which has a ladder on the inside and a hoist to lift the tools and machinery. The concrete bases with steel bars are of two basic designs which are a shallow flat disk and the other is a deep cylinder. These components are considered to be overdimensional loads when they are transported to different places or construction sites. About the Publisher: I am Jane Miller, a writer and business enthusiast. I created this article to bring up more information about Heavy Hauling. Because I noticed that not most of us have the knowledge when it comes to shipping or logistics. Read also my blog about Over Dimensional Loads.