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Big 6 planets


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Big 6 research project on planets.

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Big 6 planets

  1. 1. Using the Big 6 to do ResearchMission to the Milky Way!
  2. 2. What is the Big 6?The Big 6 is a research model designed to help you organize research, whether you’re working on a school project, or doing something in your daily life on your home planet.There are 6 areas to help you get your project done!
  3. 3. Using the Big 6 Your Mission:You are part of a team of elite space explorers assigned to find information about the planets of the Milky Way!Using the Big 6 Research Model, you will document your findings into Data Collection Sheets, and report back to Mission Control.
  4. 4. Phase 1: Task DefinitionWhat do I have to do?What is the problem I need to solve, or the question I need to answer?
  5. 5. Phase 2: Information-Seeking Strategies What are all the possible sources I can use to collect my data? Which of the possible sources are best for me to use?
  6. 6. Phase 3: Location and AccessWhere will I find my sources?Who can help me find my sources?What do I need to use to access this information?
  7. 7. Phase 4: Use of InformationHow will I record my data?How will I determine if information from a source is useful?How will I give credit to my sources?
  8. 8. Phase 5: ConstructionHow can I organize my data?How can I present my data?
  9. 9. Phase 6: EvaluationDid I complete my task?Did I do my task well?Did I follow Mission Control’s directions?
  10. 10. Let’s Put the Big 6 to Work!Report to the shuttle’skitchen, and use theBig 6 process to bakesome cookies for thecrew!