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Easybib sources

  1. 1. Selecting a source type to citeHere is the bibliography start page; from here there aretabs for the most popular types of sources, plus a tabfor all 59 source types EasyBib supports.
  2. 2. Citing a book To cite a book, enter the title, ISBN, or keywords, then check the list of book citations that EasyBib finds.Find the appropriate edition from the list, and click Select.
  3. 3. Citing a bookEasyBib fills in the fields for you! Be sure to check that the information is correct and add any missing information. When you are satisfied with the citation, click Create Citation.
  4. 4. Citing a book Your citation is automatically formatted and saved to your Bibliography.
  5. 5. Citing a website You can cite a website by pasting in the URL. EasyBib fills in as much information in the form as it can. Be sure to check that all of the information is correct and fill in any empty fields. You almost ALWAYS have to “tweak” the citation and enter some missing fields.
  6. 6. Citing a website Please note that the Website option to paste in a URL will NOT work for databases.
  7. 7. Information literacy for websites EasyBib will also show you criteria on how the website was evaluated,EasyBib has analyzed and what questions youthe most cited websites should ask yourself toand will help you evaluate the website asevaluate what sources a credible source to useare credible to cite, in your research.what aren’t, and whatare in the middle
  8. 8. Citing a DatabaseUnfortunately, you can’t just paste in the URL for adatabase. You need to either select Database, thenchoose the type of database entry from the dropdownmenu, and enter the citation information manually. Or …. you can export the citation from the database and then import it to Easybib. This sounds a little complicated, but it is really pretty easy. 
  9. 9. Exporting a Database Citation & Importing to EasyBibHere’s an example of how to export an article from theGVRL: Click Citation Tools
  10. 10. Exporting from a DatabaseWhen this dialog box appears,just accept the selected defaultoptions – MLS7 and EndNote. Click Export to save the citation as a file with an .ris extension.
  11. 11. Importing citations from databases Go back to your EasyBib project, & click the All 59 options tab. Then, select Upload /database import.
  12. 12. Importing citations from databases Click Choose File, then find and select the .ris file you exported from the database. Once you find the file, select it and click Import.
  13. 13. Importing citations from databases In a few moments, your imported file will appear under View.Click Show bibliography to goto the bibliography project andview and check the entry.
  14. 14. Direct citation export fromHere’s how to export citations from ABC-CLIODaily Life Through History:First, make sure you have the Bibliography screenfor your project open in Easybib. Then, in ABC-CLIO, click CITE THIS DOCUMENT
  15. 15. Direct citation export from In the dialog box that opens, click Export to EasyBib. The citation will be added to the bibliography of your open project, where you can confirm and complete the citation.