Chapter 12 beed 3c


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Chapter 12 beed 3c

  1. 1. HOME PROFILE MESSAGES FRIENDS SETTINGS Computer-Assisted Instruction CAI Integrated with Lessons Simulation Programs Instructional Games Problem Solving Software Multimedia Encyclopedia & Electronic books
  2. 2. THE COMPUTER AS A TUTOR Computer is one of the wonders ofhuman ingenuity, even in its originaldesign in the 1950’s to carry outcomplicated mathematical and logicaloperations. With the invention of theMicrocomputer or we referred now asPersonal Computers, has become the toolfor programmed instruction.
  3. 3. Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) The computer can be a tutor. It should make clear, however, that the computer cannot totally replace the teacher since the teacher shall continue to play the major roles of information deliverer and learning environment controller.
  4. 4. The TEACHER must : * Ensure the students have the needed knowledge and skills for any computer activity. * Decide the appropriate learning objectives. * Plan the sequential and structured activities to achieved objectives. * Evaluate the students’ achievement by ways of tests the specific expected outcomes.
  5. 5. The students in CAI play theirown roles as learners as they : * Receive information. * Understand instructions for the computer activity. * Keep in mind the information and rule for the computer activity. * Apply the knowledge and rules during the process of computer learning.
  6. 6. CAI computer roles: * Provides a learning * Acts as a sort of tutor. environment. * Reinforces learning through* Delivers learning instruction. drill-and- practice. * Provides feedback.
  7. 7. CAI Integrated withlessons Arises: When and how can teachersThe Questionintegrate drill and practice programs with their lessons ? * Use drill and practice programs for basic skills and knowledge that require rapid or automatic response by students. * Ensure that drill and practice activities conform to the lesson plan/curriculum. * Limit drill and practice to 20-30 minutes to avoid boredom. * Use drill and practice to assist students with particular weakness in basic skills.
  8. 8. The tutorial Software should be able to: * Teach new information to students. * Provide comprehensive information on concepts in addition in practice exercises. * Can be effectively used for remediation, reviewing, or enrichment. * Allow the teacher to introduce follow-up questions to stimulate students learning. * Permits group activity for cooperative learning.
  9. 9. SIMULATIONPROGRAMS Simulation Programs: Teaches strategies and rules applied to real-life problems/situation. Asks students to make decision on models or scenarios. Allow students to manipulate elements of a model and get the experience of the effects of their decisions.
  10. 10. INSTRUCTIONAL GAMES While relating to low-level learning objectives instructional computer games add the elements of competition and challenges.
  11. 11. PROBLEM SOLVING SOFTWARE There are more sophisticated than the drill and practice exercises and allow students to learn and improve on their problem solving ability.
  12. 12. MULTIMEDIA ENCYCLOPEDIAAND ELECTRONIC BOOKS MULTIMEDIA Can store a huge data base with texts, images, ENCYCLOPEDIA animation, video. The Eyewitness Childrens Encyclopedia is entertaining and fun to use as well as being highly informative. Children can set off on a learning adventure via a magical 3-D landscape, where questions pop up at every turn to entice them into finding out.
  13. 13. MULTIMEDIAENCYCLOPEDIA ANDELECTRONIC BOOKS ELECTRONIC Provide textual information for reading, S BOOKS supplemented by other types of multimedia information. Mercer Mayer - writer and illustrator for Little Critter First Readers, as well as Little Critter Spectrum began writing and illustrating childrens books in 1966 and since that time, he has published over 300 titles.
  14. 14. CONCLUSION…THE COMPUTER IS : • a tutor in this new age, • it does not replace the teacher, • computer activities are not the end- all of learning, •Integrating computer exercises is the new task of the teacher.