September in Germany


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September in Germany

  1. 1. My permanent host-family.
  2. 2. My Room!
  3. 3. Having some s’mores.
  4. 4. My first dinner as a part of the family.
  5. 5. Present time!
  6. 6. Warnemünde, a small town outside of Rostock.
  7. 7. The welcoming flowers from my room.
  8. 8. My host dad’s gift.
  9. 9. Hamburg, Germany!!!
  10. 10. This is St. Petri, one of the oldest churches in Hamburg.
  11. 11. This is the oldest artifact in Hamburg. It is over 500 Years old.
  12. 12. This is the door handle on the right. It is 500 years younger than the other one but yet it looks older because this is the door handle that everyone touches. Interesting that they will touch the lion over the demon.
  13. 13. This church was bombed three times, rebuilt twice, and on the third time they decided not to rebuild it.
  14. 14. It now serves as a peace memorial and is black from the flames that burned it.
  15. 15. This Church was the first thing to be bombed in Germany, and begun the World Wars.
  16. 16. The top…
  17. 17. And the bottom portion of what is left of the bell tower and the church.
  18. 18. The German word for City Hall is “Rathaus,” This is the Rathaus in Hamburg.
  19. 19. More Rathaus…
  20. 20. On the day that we visited, the police band was outside the Rathaus playing traditional German music.
  21. 21. Just Being a tourist.
  22. 22. This is the St. Michaelis Church. It has the tallest clock tower in Hamburg.
  23. 23. A look out from the top of the church over the city of Hamburg.
  24. 24. This green Building is the Rathaus.
  25. 25. This is the Peace Memorial from earlier.
  26. 26. This is Celine, my host families old exchange student from Belgium.
  27. 27. A patch of blue sky in the Hamburg sky.
  28. 28. It was a little bit cold and rainy in Hamburg.
  29. 29. All of us together with the Hamburg man. Berlin has their bears and Hamburg has their waterman.
  30. 30. Girly picture before a night out on the town.
  31. 31. First day of School!!!
  32. 32. There was a pool inside this outdoors store. Very Cool and you can test out their equipment in this pool.
  33. 33. This is Dom Wallfahrt. It is a huge church in Köln. I saw this with my host- mom and my Kati my older host-sister.
  34. 34. Inside the Church.
  35. 35. It was really large and beautiful.
  36. 36. One of the many stained glass windows.
  37. 37. Another stained glass window.
  38. 38. Colors reflecting on the ground from the stained glass windows.
  39. 39. The entrance!!!
  40. 40. More Church…
  41. 41. My first German Pretzel!
  42. 42. At an Italian restaurant with friends of my host-parents.
  43. 43. My host- sister Kati and I after our day in Köln.
  44. 44. On the bus headed for Copenhagen.
  45. 45. My first time on a Ferry!
  46. 46. It was really windy.
  47. 47. This is Tina and I riding the Ferry.
  48. 48. Looking back on Germany.
  49. 49. It was cold, windy, and rainy, but I was more than excited to go to Denmark!!!
  50. 50. I’m in Denmark!!!
  51. 51. Downtown Denmark and the temperature is 14 degrees Celsius. That’s 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a cold day.
  52. 52. Some old architecture buildings…
  53. 53. I was exploring around Copenhagen and I found this lovely statue.
  54. 54. Posing with a lovely lamp pole. Copenhagen is a very beautiful city and has many fun and interesting things.
  55. 55. Danish license plate on a German car.
  56. 56. The sky is beautiful here but most of the time I was there it rained.
  57. 57. My friend Nela and I.
  58. 58. Really big yacht…
  59. 59. This is the Danish Palace.
  60. 60. We got to see the changing of the guard and that was really interesting.
  61. 61. Another statue in Copenhagen.
  62. 62. The famous Danish Mermaid.
  63. 63. She is smaller that I thought she would be.
  64. 64. This would me riding my extremely getto city rent a bike. Yes, I did ride the town bicycle, and am proud of it!
  65. 65. This is by far the most pathetic getto bike I have ever seen.
  66. 66. This would be me before I realized that the bus had left me….
  67. 67. Viking ship at the Vikings museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  68. 68. Friends…
  69. 69. Sitting in the Viking’s boat.
  70. 70. At this museum they make Viking boats from their original design and with authentic tools.
  71. 71. The Danish flag waving in the wind.
  72. 72. Trying out a new mode of transportation in an environmental museum.
  73. 73. The Danish Kronborg Castle.
  74. 74. Marvin and I.
  75. 75. From the inside looking out. This is a beautiful castle and has something to do with Hamlet and Shakespear.
  76. 76. The castle has been renovated in to a museum now. It was not too crowded with people the day that we went which was nice so that we could leisurely browse the museum.
  77. 77. This is from the bow of a ship. It is supposed to look intimidating, but it looks nice to me.
  78. 78. Wine Chest
  79. 79. The museum is a marine museum. While we were inside looking at the museum, it started hailing outside.
  80. 80. Money Chest
  81. 81. Now, the problem with this artifact is that it is not being used. It was cold and this would have looked a lot better with a fire in it.
  82. 82. From the bow again… maybe she was pretty before she weathered all those days at sea…
  83. 83. What ever boat bow this was on, they must have been trying to scare other boats away. She definitely would have sent the men running the other direction.
  84. 84. Okay, finally we found the friendly ship. There were several of these ship bows there on exhibit.
  85. 85. Another warrior ship. No, these are achtually all jokes. I have no idea what kind of ships these went on. Just adlibing for the comic effect.
  86. 86. Ship Frame
  87. 87. This one is pulling the oldest line in the book. “Hey did you see that?” This is one sheepish boat.
  88. 88. Picture through the museum window. This is one of the few windows that I have seen that has a single door. Most windows have double doors to keep out the cold.
  89. 89. This would be after it hailed. It didn’t stick though because it was too warm.
  90. 90. The veiw from the top of the castle was amazing. Definitely worth walking up the never ending spiral staircase.
  91. 91. The flag in this picture is not posed that way. That would be the wonderful bone chilling wind.
  92. 92. I have no idea what any of the things on this mean except stop. First of all it’s in Danish and second of all I don’t speak ship.
  93. 93. More pictures from the marine museum.