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Building an effective social media strategy


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This keynote presentation was delivered for “Getting Strategic through Social Media,” Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig, at the Rotterdam Volksuniversiteit, May 25, 2012, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Building an effective social media strategy

  1. 1. Building an effectivesocial media strategy Dr. Janelle Ward Erasmus University Rotterdam 25 May 2012
  2. 2. What we will cover today○ Understanding web presence○ Communication via social media○ Your organizations social media use○ Best practice○ General recommendations
  3. 3. Web presence○ Official website○ Social media
  4. 4. The role of communication○ One-way○ Interactive
  5. 5. One-way online communication○ Generally based on a broadcast model (sender to receiver), and is primarily informative in nature○ My research: most communication was one- way
  6. 6. Interactive online communication○ Two-way communication: response and feedback ○ ‘transactional’ interactivity: Gathering information from users ○ ‘coproductive’ interactivity: Encouraging users to respond to the organization and to other users○ My research: little transactional, almost no coproductive
  7. 7. Facebook○ Est. 2004; 900 million users○ My findings: transparent - though superficial - interaction with supporters
  8. 8. Twitter○ Est. 2006; 500 million users○ My findings: mainly used as a broadcasting medium (one- way communication)
  9. 9. Todays participants: social media practices○ studio italia-Rome ○ FB icon; link back to website○ Het Perspectief-Gent ○ "like us!"; Twitter broadcast○ west-street-marketing-London ○ unusual icons; Twitter ratio, RT overload○ Volkshochschulen – Rheinfelden ○ no social media (googled); contact info clear○ EOI Toledo ○ FB (open) group instead of page (alumni & employees)
  10. 10. Best practiceNotes in Spanish
  11. 11. Best practiceNotes in Spanish - Facebook
  12. 12. Best practiceNotes in Spanish - Twitter
  13. 13. Recommendations○ Start with a strategy; continue with a strategy ○ where are you now? where do you want to go? where/how will you assess along the way?○ Talk to your users○ Choose platforms carefully and stay updated○ Make web presence holistic
  14. 14. Thank you!○ The book: Communicating Citizenship Online. Hampton Press: 2012○ Email:○ Web:○ Twitter: @janelle_ward